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About Marrow and Blood Stem Cell Donation

Every year, thousands are stricken with leukemia and other blood-related diseases. In the past, such a diagnosis was often lethal. Chemotherapy and radiation treatments could induce a remission but rarely offer a cure. Today, transplantation, of healthy stem cells donated by related and unrelated volunteers, offers hope to many patients suffering from these deadly diseases. Advances in transplantation have made this procedure a reality for thousands who are alive today because a stranger gave them the gift of life.
It is indeed a tragedy that so many patients who could benefit from this life-saving procedure cannot be treated. In order to have a transplant, there must be a donor: a volunteer who shares a tissue type similar to the patient’s. For many, finding a match is no easy task.
It may take only a few months or up to five—even ten—years after being tested before you receive that special call to help save a life. In fact, you may never be called as a suitably matched donor for a patient! The only way you will ever know if you can help save a life is by taking the first step to be tested! Perhaps one day you might be given the opportunity to participate in a true miracle. What greater gift can one human being give to another than the Gift of Life? 

Ethnicity and Tissue Type

  • Tissue type is inherited, like eye or hair color. A patient's best chance of finding a genetic match lies with those of similar ethnic background.

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