Lillian leads others to save lives

People have gotten involved with the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation for many different reasons. Whether it was because a friend was in-need of a life-saving transplant, a college was recruiting students to join the registry, or a dear friend or family member lost their battle with leukemia. There was a moment, or an individual, who inspired someone else to get involved. 

I got involved because my boss asked me to. She shared a simple story of a girl named Amy who was looking for a life-saving match. My boss didn’t know Amy, and neither did I, but we both knew that either one of us could be the one to save her life with a simple swab.

I was recently invited to speak at Congregation Sherith Israel in San Francisco, California, to share this same story. It was an opportunity for members to learn more about Gift of Life’s work and how they could get involved as a congregation. Because I am passionate about Gift of Life’s mission, preparing for my duties as an “Ambassador” was simple and a pleasure to do. 

I spoke from the heart. I told them my story; how I got involved, first as part of the registry, then coordinating a donor recruitment drive at Syracuse University, and eventually becoming a donor. 

Gift of Life’s mission is inspiring and easy to understand, so it is simple to tell. I kept the story personal and wove in important facts and figures about the needs. Joining the registry is so simple and non-invasive; I was able to include a live demonstration, using Sherith Israel’s Membership Director, Carrie Rice, as my subject! The audience was responsive and they immediately wanted to know how they could join our efforts. As an Ambassador, it is our duty to share our journey with Gift of Life with as many people as possible.

If you have a story, I encourage you to tell it. Share it on Facebook, talk about it at dinner, and offer to share your voice with local clubs and groups. They will be inspired. And in turn, Gift of Life will reach more people to join its army of advocates. 

Gift of Life does vital work, but they cannot do it alone. You’ve joined the registry, you’ve run recruitment events, and you might have even donated to a start talking about it so others will too!

Submitted by Gift of Life Ambassador:  Lillian Baharestani

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