Medical Advisory Committee

Gift of Life's Medical Advisory Committee provides advice and sets policy on matters and responsibilities as they relate to the continued quality of operations and to the safety of both donors and patients. Some of the Committee's responsibilities are related to activities undertaken directly by the organization while others are related to activities undertaken by its contractors (i.e., collection centers, laboratories, and recruitment groups). The Committee also provides unbiased recommendations and decisions with respect to unusual or unexpected medical situations.
The Committee is a multidisciplinary group consisting of clinicians and scientists who collectively have knowledge and experience in the following fields: 

  • cellular therapy
  • hematopoietic cell (HPC) collection and transplantation
  • bioethics
  • general medicine
  • various medical specialties (e.g., clinical pathology, infectious diseases, medical microbiology, histocompatibility, and immunogenetics)
The Committee also includes non-scientific members with knowledge and experience in the fields of quality assurance, regulatory compliance, ethics, business, and registry operations.
In addition to the experts serving on the Medical Advisory Committee, Gift of Life has regular access to expert consultants in areas pertinent to registry operations. This includes legal counsel specializing in regulatory law, information systems, accounting, finance, and various medical specialties. All of these expert consultants assist the management team in advancing the organizational structure, mission, and services.


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