Non-Profit Status

In the United States
The Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation is a non-profit organization, granted tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law. The tax-deductible amount permitted for any contribution is limited to the excess of the contribution above the value of any goods or services received. A copy of the IRS letter of determination declaring the tax-exempt status of the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation is available upon request. Please click here to view Gift of Life's status on the IRS website.
In Canada
The Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation is a registered charity in Canada in conformance with the Income Tax Act. Please click here to view Gift of Life's charitable status and registration information on the Canada Revenue Agency website.
Gift of Life issues tax receipts to contributors in compliance with national laws. For more information, please contact Gregg Francis, CPA at 561-982-2918.
Current Gift of Life IRS Form 990 and Audited FInancial Statements are available to interested parties by contacting Gregg Francis, Chief Financial and Operations Officer, at 561-982-2900. Copies are sent from the Gift of Life office via U.S. postal mail. Immediate copies rendered as PDF documents can be obtained through Guide Star at

Gift of Life has earned the GuideStar Exchange Seal, demonstrating our commitment to transparency.

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