Organize a Bone Marrow Donor Drive

Gift of Life has been organizing bone marrow drives for over 20 years. We work with patients and their families and friends to organize community-wide campaigns, student groups on college campuses, employee drives at corporations, and other creative events including fairs, weddings, and more! By organizing a donor drive, you can give tremendous hope to thousands of patients searching every day.

Recruitment Ideas...

  • Celebration of Life Events: Make a special event even more memorable by sponsoring a drive at a wedding, holiday party, birthday celebration, or other gathering of family and friends!
  • College Campus Recruitment: If you are a college student and are interested in organizing a drive on campus, Gift of Life is ready to partner with you to make it a great success! We encourage you to check out Gift of Life's Campus Ambassador Program, but please know that you do not have to be affiliated with the program to run a drive. Also, Gift of Life can leverage longstanding national partnerships with Hillel and AEPi Fraternity. Students take ownership of the drives, using individual creativity and ingenuity to make them a success! Check out Syracuse University!
  • High School Donor Drives: Organize a half-day program with the senior class at your high school. Students can learn about the biology of transplantation, medical ethics, and donation procedures. A local donor or recipient might even share a real-life experience! This culminates in a drive for the students over 18 years old, and those under 18 can register for a birthday reminder! Learn more about our "Senior Swab"  program here.

Why work with Gift of Life?

  • Commitment to Quality: Gift of Life has been performing HLA-AB (intermediate/high resolution) and DRB1/DQB1 (high resolution) typing for years, long before many other registries adopted such practices.
  • Turnaround Time: Gift of Life’s average turnaround time for testing is based on the current workload of the laboratory. In most cases it can take an average of two to three weeks. This can be expedited in the case of patient-directed recruitment campaigns.
  • Innovation: Gift of Life was the first registry in the world to utilize bloodless testing at drives with cheek swabs.
  • Integrity in Leadership: The CEO is both the founder of the organization and a transplant survivor.
Interested?  Why wait? Contact a member of our recruitment team today, and they will discuss options with you. Gift of Life staff is equipped to train and guide you through the process to make your drive a success! Our e-mail address is 

Swab at College

  • Organize a Gift of Life Bone Marrow Drive on your college campus. It's a great community service project and will save lives for years to come! With Gift of Life's exclusive Speed Swabbing® program, it is easier now than ever before!

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