Personalized Giving: The Donor Circle

At Gift of Life, your support is measurable. When you establish and name a Donor Circle, donors recruited by your financial gift will be assigned to your account and carefully tracked by our registry management system. When matches are identified for patients in need of transplants from your Donor Circle, you will receive e-mail notifications that you can share with your friends, family and colleagues. Said one contributor who set up a personalized donor circle, "It's like a living tzedakah box!"
Here's the math: Statistically, one in 1,000 of the donors in the registry save a life each and every year. Since they remain in the registry until their 61st birthday, and the average donor in our registry is relatively young, enrolling 1,000 new donors can save as many as 30 lives over the span of time (this presumes an average 30 year retention period)!
The cost to enroll each donor is $60. Therefore, every $60,000 raised will result in saving approximately 30 lives over time. When you do the math, that is $2,000 per match made. When it comes to your charitable giving, the impact is huge. It could very well be the best investment around. Don't keep this investment a secret - tell everyone you know!
Ideas: Create your family's donor circle, and any member of the family can contribute to it over time, doing their part to grow the ranks! Or create a specialized donor circile to honor a special event, like a Bar Mitzvah or a Wedding! Usernames, passcodes and sponsor numbers will be coming soon!
Establish your Donor Circle today, and give the gift that keeps on giving! You can even set up multiple donor circles to celebrate different occassions, or honor / memorialize a loved one or friend. Please click here to create your Donor Circle today!


  • Gift of Life is a non-profit organization granted tax exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code.

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