Regional Collection Center Network

When donors are called to donate for patients in need of transplants, their donations take place at regional collection facilities with whom Gift of Life has partnered. These centers are selected based upon many factors, including their qualifications, experience, reputation and size, and are strategically located in parts of the country where Gift of Life has a critical mass of donors in its registry.
Each of the centers have active bone marrow transplant programs, and thus are highly experienced in the collection of bone marrow and blood stem cells. In fact, many are even designated as comprehensive cancer centers by the National Cancer Institute. Affiliated collection centers must meet Gift of Life Standards and Participation Criteria.
While many donors reside in locations that are proximate to Gift of Life regional collection centers, this is not always the case. Some donors will be asked to travel to a regional collection facility, often requiring air travel. In some cases, the facility chosen will be the one closest to where they live, but this choice is dependent upon scheduling and availability at that facility. While Gift of Life staff strive to make the donation process as convenient as possible for donors, we often work within the constraints of the collection center schedules. When a regional center is unable to meet the required dates and timeline, Gift of Life may ask donors to travel even when there is a center proximate to their home.
We thank our donors for giving of themselves and their time. Gift of Life continues to work hard to develop relationships with a growing number of collection facilities in under-served areas.
Regional Collection Center Network (as of Nov 2013):

Apheresis Associates of Northern Virginia Dulles, VA
Dana Farber Cancer Institute Boston, MA
Georgetown University Medical Center Washington, DC
Hackensack University Medical Center Hackensack, NJ
Karmanos Cancer Institute Detroit, MI
Mt. Sinai Medical Center New York, NY
New York Presbyterian Hospital New York, NY


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