The Urgent Need for Younger Donors

In accordance with national guidelines and consistent with the medical needs of the patients, Gift of Life has updated the registration requirements for new donors to the ages of 18 to 45 (inclusive). This is due to clinical reasons that improve transplant outcomes. Statistically, over 90 percent of transplants take place with donors in this age category. 

Donors who are between the ages of 46 to 60 (inclusive) may still join the registry but will either need to cover the $60 cost of the test or be placed in the queue for processing after the donors in the other category are tested. Unfortunately neither the government nor insurance covers the cost of testing new donors to grow the registry; recruitment must be conducted with the greatest  effectiveness to meet the needs of the patients. All donors will remain in the registry until their 61st birthday unless medically deferred or withdrawn by request.

We recognize that many volunteers are passionate about joining the registry and helping to save a life. However, purely from a biological standpoint and in the interests of what is best for the patients in need, transplant physicians have asked the worldwide registries to recruit donors as young as possible (over 18). Below please find request rates by age category.


The chart above shows percentage of donors by age
range selected by transplant physicians for their patients

Steps to Donation

  • From initial registration as a Gift of Life donor to receiving the call of a lifetime that you're a match to donating your marrow or blood stem cells, learn the steps and what to expect through engaging short videos on the various stages.

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