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How one call was a defining moment in more than one life

  The phone rang. “Is this the Feinberg residence?” the caller asked. “Yes,” I replied, “to whom am I speaking? The caller replied, “My name is John Crandall, and I am with Cal... [More] MORE
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Out in the field is where the action is – Time well spent getting to know our heroes

You’ll often find me sitting behind my desk in our South Florida office writing letters, signing checks, reviewing procedures and managing contracts. It’s all part of running a bone marrow registry, and whi... [More] MORE
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Swabbing a Cheek for One Young Boy Saves Another ~One New Jersey donor gives the gift of life, while a recipient pays it forward.

When he registered with Gift of Life in February 2008, Mark, a resident of Morganville, New Jersey, was hoping to be a match for a young boy in his town who was in need of a life-saving transplant. So he went and got h... [More] MORE
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Giving the Gift of Two Lives in One Day ~A special day comes for donor and his wife

When he got swabbed in September 2009, Zev, a member of the Orthodox Jewish community in Rockland County, New York, never imagined he would be called by the Gift of Life less than a year later. Yet that is exactly what... [More] MORE
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