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The SILVER Project Gives Back

Stacey and her brother, Jason, lost their father to Leukemia after bone marrow transplant complications in February 2009. Stacey had to face the reality of moving on without her father, and so she made a promise to do ... [More] MORE
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A Father’s Gift of Life Inspires a Daughter’s Donor Drive

Kerry’s journey with Gift of Life began 10 years ago when her synagogue teacher handed out a flier about a local bone marrow donor recruitment drive through Gift of Life. At the request of her Hebrew school, Kerr... [More] MORE
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Ethnicity Matters: Why Having a Diverse Donor Pool is Important in Registry

When it comes to donating bone marrow and peripheral blood stem cells (PBSC), ethnic diversity is extremely important. Patients suffering from life-threatening diseases like lymphoma and leukemia often need a bone marr... [More] MORE
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