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Playing for Life

The Mizner Country Club recently held their annual Ladies Charity Card Party, where their charity partner and beneficiary was Gift of Life. Each year, a charity is chosen to benefit from their fundraiser, and the women... [More] MORE
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How One Man Inspired 46 People to Join the Registry

Marc, a congregant at Beth Haverim Shir Shalom, and his family experienced a great loss in 1986: his daughter, Michelle, lost her life to leukemia because a bone marrow donor was never found. However, that loss inspire... [More] MORE
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Saving Lives on Yom Kippur

Last October, Temple Israel of Boston, Massachusetts held a bone marrow donor recruitment drive during the holiest of Jewish Holidays, Yom Kippur. Susan, a member at the synagogue, organized the event, alongside Evie, ... [More] MORE
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3 Ways You Can Help Find a Match for Ezra

Ezra celebrated his 3rd birthday on March 8th.  As he blew out the candles, his parents Robin and Evan wished for a bone marrow donor for their little boy.  Ezra has been diagnosed with Hyper IgM Syndrome, a ... [More] MORE
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10 Great Reasons To Join the Bone Marrow Registry

Here at Gift of Life we pride ourselves in being advocates for bone marrow donors. We asked the staff to share with you one great reason everyone should join the registry and compiled their inspiring responses. Enjoy... [More] MORE
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