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The Card that Changes a Donor's Day

Even the smallest acts of kindness can go a long way. On April 22nd, teenagers from all over the country participated in J-Serve, an International Day of Jewish Youth Service that gives teenager the opportunity to fulf... [More] MORE
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Racing to Give the Gift of Life: Ben Brody's Bar Mitzvah Project

When twelve year old Ben Brody of Englewood, NJ crossed the finish line of the Celebrate Israel Run, he knew that the race to save lives had just begun. A young and aspiring Bar Mitzvah student, Ben is a unique individ... [More] MORE
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A Gift of Lifer: The Story of Elchonon

Elchonon chose to become a volunteer donor in 2002 at a drive for a little girl who needed a transplant.  At the time, he was a student at Yeshiva University and he and his friends swabbed their cheeks, never thin... [More] MORE
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Eli, Richard and Avi

Donating is a unique experience, and donors don’t usually witness the other side in such a personal way. As a recent donor, Avi put it best:  “Speaking as a donor, I will tell you that we are just doin... [More] MORE
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Ariel and Marilyn

“I felt like I was carrying someone’s life in my bones,” said 23 year old Ariel upon learning he was a match for a patient in need.  Ariel joined the registry a year earlier at a drive held by Ye... [More] MORE
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