Gift of Life helps children and
adults suffering from life-threatening
illnesses including leukemia and
lymphoma find donors for bone
marrow transplants. People like you.


Give a Gift: Change a Life

One cheek swab with our
testing kit is all it takes to
find out if you can help save
a life. Our goal is to create
a worldwide community of
potential donors.

Contribute to Gift of Life

We rely on small donations.
Your tax-deductible
contribution of $10, $20,
$50, or $100 helps us
continue our mission.

Create a Donor Circle

Donors, recipients, and people in need work together to make a difference.

Gift of Life begins
online outreach program

Gift of Life has started an extensive social media marketing campaign to increase both the volume of smaller contributions and to the number of potential bone marrow donors in their registry. This directly helps men, women and children find the matches they need, when they need them.

Use blogs, Facebook, and Twitter to tell others about Gift of Life