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The Facts:

  • Donors are heroes! Thank you for taking this step to join Gift of Life!
  • Initial testing to join the registry involves a simple cheek swab.
  • If called as a match someday, additional testing will require a confirmatory blood test.
  • Donor committment is crucial when called as a potential match.
  • Statistically, 80 percent of donors called as a match will donate blood stem cells; 20 percent will donate marrow.
Thank you for your interest in joining the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Registry! Complete this page and the next steps which include a brief health history and your contact details. We then mail you a cheek swab kit which you use at home and send back to us for testing. If you prefer to register at a donor drive in your community, click here for a list of upcoming drives.

Click here to learn more about bone marrow donation.

If I have a sponsorship code, my test will be underwritten by a sponsor. I will also have the option to pay for my test to help "pay it forward!"

More Information on the cost

If you are ready to proceed click the button below.

Even if you don't qualify to register as a donor, you can still help grow the registry by making a financial contribution to help us test other donors for patients in need. Thank you!

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