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Welcome and Thank You!

Welcome to the Dr. Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson Gift of Life-NMDP Collection Center!

We have designed the collection center to make your donation experience as unique and special as the stem cells you are giving. You hope to help save someone’s life, and we want your day at the collection center to match the significance of your gift to a stranger.

“We are proud to offer a donation experience like no other. Our center is warm and inviting, with a spa-like feel. Our highest priorities are the safety and wellbeing of our donors, along with a first-in-class personalized experience in a beautiful setting with outstanding service.”

– Jay Feinberg
Gift of Life Founder and CEO
27-Year Transplant Survivor

About the Collection Center

Gift of Life is the first marrow registry to integrate a stem cell collection center into its operations. Gift of Life’s founder and CEO Jay Feinberg dreamed of making the donor experience more aligned with the tremendous gift being offered by you — our donors — to patients in need.

Today, his vision is realized in this beautiful collection center located at Gift of Life’s global headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. Easily accessible via three international airports – Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, the collection center is centrally located in beautiful South Florida’s renowned life-sciences corridor. It proudly serves donors from both the Gift of Life Marrow Registry and NMDP.

Gift of Life is excited to partner with NMDP to re-engineer the donor experience and make it more accessible for donors throughout the southeast and nationally.

Because the collection center is dedicated exclusively to registry donors, we are passionate about meeting the timelines required by transplant centers for their patients in urgent need. Timing matters for patients battling blood cancer, and receiving a transplant during the early stages of their disease significantly improves survival.