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"What an incredible experience. I cannot say how grateful I am to be a part of an amazing cause and team. The location, hotel, donor center, and donor staff were perfect. Not a single detail was missed. Thank you so much for what you do!"
– Keely
"I would have to say the whole experience was amazing! I was treated like a queen from the beginning to the end! Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience! And if I ever get the third chance to donate ……I’m so coming back to Florida!"
– Marnie
"This was an absolutely amazing experience and I would not even think twice about doing it again. Lindsey and all of the medical staff were outstanding and so extremely welcoming and kind. I can honestly not think of anything that could have made this experience better than it was. Fantastic job y’all!"
– Sydney
"I was amazed at how great of an experience this turned out to be. The nurses and staff made my donation an incredible experience. I was not able to bring my dad, but they still made me feel comfortable and at home."
– Anthony