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About (created on Feb 19, 2011)

January 31, 2012: With unstoppable tears and broken hearts we regret to announce that last night around 5AM, after hours of fighting and holding on, our precious Ayelet - the heart of our world, the light and strength for so many, could not fight any more.

She is gone.

She put up a serious fight, but her lungs collapsed, her blood pressure dropped and the blood could not get to her huge heart.

Baruch Dayan Emes. Her life, her strength, a blessing to so many.

The family has asked that contributions be made in Ayelet's memory to Gift of Life (Ayelet's Donor CIrcle). Tribute cards will be mailed with messages that are shared.

Thank you for all your love and support during this time,

Hindy Poupko and Seth Galena


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Matches and Transplants

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Apr 27, 2015
    A donor sponsored by Ayelet Galena's z'l Donor Circle has matched a 25 year old woman battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).
    Mar 26, 2015
      A donor sponsored by Ayelet Galena's z'l Donor Circle has matched a 60 year old woman battling Acute Myelogenous Leukemia.
      Mar 21, 2015
        A donor sponsored by Ayelet Galena's z'l Donor Circle has matched a 62 year old man battling Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.
        Mar 12, 2015
          A donor sponsored by Ayelet Galena's z'l Donor Circle has matched a 1 year old boy battling Inherited Metabolic Disorders.
          Mar 02, 2015
            A donor sponsored by Ayelet Galena's z'l Donor Circle has transplanted a 68 year old woman battling Plasma Cell Disorder.
            Feb 24, 2015
              A donor sponsored by Ayelet Galena's z'l Donor Circle has matched a 60 year old man battling Myelodysplastic Disorder.
              Feb 05, 2015
                A donor sponsored by Ayelet Galena's z'l Donor Circle has matched a 66 year old man battling Myelodysplastic Disorder.
                Feb 05, 2015
                  A donor sponsored by Ayelet Galena's z'l Donor Circle has matched a 57 year old man battling Myelodysplastic Disorder.
                  Jan 12, 2015
                    A donor sponsored by Ayelet Galena's z'l Donor Circle has matched a 63 year old man battling Acute Myelogenous Leukemia.
                    Dec 19, 2014
                      A donor sponsored by Ayelet Galena's z'l Donor Circle has matched a 52 year old man battling Myelodysplastic Disorder.
                      Dec 11, 2014
                        A donor sponsored by Ayelet Galena's z'l Donor Circle has matched a 68 year old man battling Myelodysplastic Disorder.
                        Dec 11, 2014
                          A donor sponsored by Ayelet Galena's z'l Donor Circle has matched a 63 year old man battling Myelodysplastic Disorder.
                          Nov 11, 2014
                            A donor sponsored by Ayelet Galena's z'l Donor Circle has matched a 48 year old man battling Hodgkins Lymphoma.
                            Nov 04, 2014
                              A donor sponsored by Ayelet Galena's z'l Donor Circle has matched a 53 year old woman battling Acute Myelogenous Leukemia.
                              Oct 14, 2014
                                A donor sponsored by Ayelet Galena's z'l Donor Circle has matched a 39 year old man battling Myelodysplastic Disorder.
                                Oct 07, 2014
                                  A donor sponsored by Ayelet Galena's z'l Donor Circle has matched a 7 year old girl battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).
                                  Oct 06, 2014
                                    A donor sponsored by Ayelet Galena's z'l Donor Circle has matched a 61 year old woman battling Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.
                                    Aug 27, 2014
                                      A donor sponsored by Ayelet Galena's z'l Donor Circle has transplanted a 53 year old man battling Myelodysplastic Disorder.
                                      Jul 16, 2014
                                        A donor sponsored by Ayelet Galena's z'l Donor Circle has matched a 5 year old girl battling Severe Aplastic Anemia.
                                        Jul 09, 2014
                                          A donor sponsored by Ayelet Galena's z'l Donor Circle has matched a 66 year old woman battling Acute Myelogenous Leukemia.
                                          Jul 04, 2014
                                            A donor sponsored by Ayelet Galena's z'l Donor Circle has matched a 9 year old boy battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).
                                            Jun 17, 2014
                                              A donor sponsored by Ayelet Galena's z'l Donor Circle has matched a 56 year old woman battling Acute Myelogenous Leukemia.
                                              Jun 06, 2014
                                                A donor sponsored by Ayelet Galena's z'l Donor Circle has matched a 57 year old man battling Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.
                                                Jun 05, 2014
                                                  A donor sponsored by Ayelet Galena's z'l Donor Circle has matched a 56 year old woman battling Acute Myelogenous Leukemia.
                                                  Jun 05, 2014
                                                    A donor sponsored by Ayelet Galena's z'l Donor Circle has matched a 53 year old woman battling Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.
                                                    May 29, 2014
                                                      A donor sponsored by Ayelet Galena's z'l Donor Circle has matched a 16 year old boy battling Acute Myelogenous Leukemia.

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                                                      • Apr 27, 2015 New match in Ayelet Galena's z'l Donor Circle

                                                        A donor sponsored by Ayelet Galena's z'l Donor Circle has matched a 25 year old woman battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).

                                                        • Mar 26, 2015 New match in Ayelet Galena's z'l Donor Circle

                                                          A donor sponsored by Ayelet Galena's z'l Donor Circle has matched a 60 year old woman battling Acute Myelogenous Leukemia.

                                                          • Mar 21, 2015 New match in Ayelet Galena's z'l Donor Circle

                                                            A donor sponsored by Ayelet Galena's z'l Donor Circle has matched a 62 year old man battling Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.


                                                            A Bernard
                                                            A Kigner
                                                            A Natanson
                                                            Aaron & Emily Yolkut
                                                            Aaron & Judith Mitrani
                                                            Aaron And Miriam Greenberg
                                                            Aaron Bajtner
                                                            Aaron Bisman
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                                                            Aaron Stein
                                                            Aaron Weintraub
                                                            Abbey And Steven Chill
                                                            Abby Bienenfeld
                                                            Abby Carmel
                                                            Abby Kaufthal
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                                                            Abe Schreiber
                                                            Abigail Uhrman
                                                            Abigail Weiss
                                                            Abraham Mezrich
                                                            Abraham Pineles
                                                            Abraham Sinensky
                                                            Abraham Steinberg
                                                            Adah Hirschfeld
                                                            Adam & Yael Eisenberg
                                                            Adam Aftergut
                                                            Adam And Abigail Aghion
                                                            Adam And Alana Gelnick
                                                            Adam Berkowitz
                                                            Adam Englander
                                                            Adam Kaplan
                                                            Adam Stotland
                                                            Adam Weinstein
                                                            Adeena Sussman
                                                            Adele Frankel
                                                            Adele Frankel
                                                            Adele Mucera
                                                            Adena & Josh Kirstein
                                                            Adena Philips
                                                            Adena Silberstein
                                                            Adian Shabi
                                                            Adina And Daniel Alpert
                                                            Adina And Daniel Bienstock
                                                            Adina And Daniel Lebovic
                                                            Adina And Tzvi Neuman
                                                            Adina Moss
                                                            Adina Muhlbauer
                                                            Adina Poupko
                                                            Adina Salomon
                                                            Adina Segal
                                                            Adina Weinberger
                                                            Adina Yoffie
                                                            Adina Zoimen
                                                            Adira Katlowitz
                                                            Adriana Pacheco
                                                            Adrianne Beers
                                                            Adrienne Lazarus
                                                            Aharon Horwitz
                                                            Ahava Leibtag
                                                            Ahavath Torah Sisterhood Jaide Massin
                                                            Ahrona Amar
                                                            Ahuva Goldman
                                                            Ahuva Shandelman-Birnbaum
                                                            Aiden Gutis
                                                            Aimee Feller
                                                            Aipac Family
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                                                            Alan And Rhonda Zahtz
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                                                            Alan Jaffe
                                                            Alan Klahr
                                                            Alan Lobel
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                                                            Alan Operman
                                                            Alan Roth
                                                            Alan Schwartz
                                                            Alana Karp
                                                            Alana Klein
                                                            Alana Shultz
                                                            Alanna Schwartz
                                                            Alene Schneierson
                                                            Alex & Galina Shvartser
                                                            Alex & Miram Libkind
                                                            Alex Kiagiri
                                                            Alex Kornfeld
                                                            Alexander Abramov
                                                            Alexander Attinson
                                                            Alexandra & Jason Auerbach
                                                            Alexandra Dunietz
                                                            Alexandrea Ravenelle
                                                            Alexandria Frisch
                                                            Alexis Finger
                                                            Alexis Finger
                                                            Alexis Frankel
                                                            Ali Kohut
                                                            Alice And Harold Lehrer
                                                            Alicia Rancilio
                                                            Alina Rutstein
                                                            Alisa Weinberger
                                                            Alisa Weinberger
                                                            Alisa Weinberger
                                                            Alissa Levine
                                                            Alissa Lieberman
                                                            Aliyah Kozirovsky
                                                            Aliza Battat
                                                            Aliza Baum
                                                            Aliza Cantor
                                                            Aliza Gottesman
                                                            Aliza Silverstein
                                                            Aliza Weinstein
                                                            Allan Leicht
                                                            Allan Rolnick
                                                            Allen Essner
                                                            Alliance Bernstein
                                                            Allison Feldman Gutfreund
                                                            Allison Feldman Gutfreund
                                                            Allison Gutfreund
                                                            Allison Skorewicz
                                                            Allison Speiser
                                                            Allison Zaromb
                                                            Allyson Albert
                                                            Alona Burman
                                                            Alper & Lach Families
                                                            Alvin Askin
                                                            Alyson Grant
                                                            Alyssa Ender
                                                            Alyssa Gordon
                                                            Alyssa Yufe
                                                            Amanda Hofman
                                                            Amanda Katz
                                                            Amanda Mccorry
                                                            Amanda Wolf
                                                            Amir Lehrer
                                                            Amir Rasowsky
                                                            Amira Solow
                                                            Amy & Jon Milenthal
                                                            Amy And Ben Fisher
                                                            Amy And Daniel Erlbaum
                                                            Amy Bennett
                                                            Amy Bernstein
                                                            Amy Bursky
                                                            Amy Deutsch
                                                            Amy Kaplan
                                                            Amy Kertesz
                                                            Amy Latkin
                                                            Amy Margulies
                                                            Amy Relles
                                                            Amy Sklar
                                                            Anaruth Bernard
                                                            Anat Barber
                                                            Andrea & Charlie Schwartz
                                                            Andrea And Ronald Sultan
                                                            Andrea Binder
                                                            Andrea Penkower Rosen
                                                            Andrea Schulman
                                                            Andrea Schwartz
                                                            Andrea Weiss
                                                            Andrew & Esther Turkel
                                                            Andrew Bloom
                                                            Andrew Bronfeld
                                                            Andrew Frank
                                                            Andrew Goldberg
                                                            Andrew Levy
                                                            Andrew Rothstein
                                                            Angelika Schlanger
                                                            Ann F Hoffman
                                                            Ann Greenberg-Block
                                                            Ann Leifer
                                                            Anna And Elisha Fredman
                                                            Anne Lieber
                                                            Annette Simmons
                                                            Annie Kleinman
                                                            Annie Mandel
                                                            Anonymous Anonymous
                                                            Anthony Aziz
                                                            Anthony Feinstein
                                                            Anya Veksler
                                                            Anya Veksler
                                                            April Bernstein
                                                            Arader, Herzig And Assoc, Inc.
                                                            Ari & Shushannah Yasgur
                                                            Ari Ackerman
                                                            Ari Applbaum
                                                            Ari Benson
                                                            Ari Fisher
                                                            Ari Krupp
                                                            Ari Mark
                                                            Ari Mentzel
                                                            Ari Mentzel Rachel Haber
                                                            Ari Moses
                                                            Ari Pelcovitz
                                                            Ari Raskas
                                                            Ari Schwarzberg
                                                            Ari Yasgur
                                                            Ariana Reich
                                                            Arieh Chaikin
                                                            Ariel Pollock
                                                            Ariel Robin Rosenberg
                                                            Ariel Warren
                                                            Ariel Weiner
                                                            Ariela Pelaia
                                                            Ariela Vogel
                                                            Ariella Bloom
                                                            Ariella Brunwaser
                                                            Ariella Getz
                                                            Ariella Greenspan
                                                            Ariella Kramarz
                                                            Ariella Levy
                                                            Ariella Sidelsky
                                                            Arielle And Oren Poleg
                                                            Arielle Macher
                                                            Arielle Schachter
                                                            Arik Hirschfeld
                                                            Arleen Isacovitch
                                                            Arlene Freedberg
                                                            Arlene Levene
                                                            Arlene Swarts
                                                            Arlene Taylor
                                                            Arna And Bobby Fisher
                                                            Arthur Kook
                                                            Arye Dworken
                                                            Aryn Jennifer Lechtman
                                                            Aryn Jennifer Lechtman
                                                            Aryn Lechtman
                                                            Asher Pollak
                                                            Atara Eis
                                                            Atara Sheinson
                                                            Atara Shenkman
                                                            Audrey And Beni Seleski
                                                            Audrey Seleski
                                                            Aura Shapiro
                                                            Ava Kantrowitz
                                                            Avi & Aliza Katz
                                                            Avi & Mandy Dagan
                                                            Avi & Ravital Korn
                                                            Avi And Leah Politzer
                                                            Avi And Sarah Ehrenreich
                                                            Avi Hasen
                                                            Avi Portnoy
                                                            Avi Poupko
                                                            Avi Rosman
                                                            Avi Ryzman
                                                            Avi Ryzman
                                                            Avigayil Rosenberg
                                                            Avital Malina
                                                            Aviva Cowen
                                                            Aviva Drazin
                                                            Aviva Freiden
                                                            Aviva Klugmann
                                                            Aviva Oliker
                                                            Aviva Zahtz
                                                            Avon Products Foundation, Inc.
                                                            Avra Keats
                                                            Avraham Groll
                                                            Avrohom Manes
                                                            Avrumki & Daniella 07631
                                                            Aya Shechter
                                                            Ayala Kurlander
                                                            Ayala Schwartz
                                                            Ayala Yasgur
                                                            Ayelet Mottahedeh
                                                            Ayelet Nelson
                                                            Ayelet Nelson
                                                            Ayelet Schabes
                                                            Aylah Winter
                                                            Azriel Rosenblum
                                                            Baila Berger
                                                            Bangitout.Com Llc
                                                            Barbara Basney
                                                            Barbara Cohen
                                                            Barbara Engler
                                                            Barbara Freedman
                                                            Barbara Kurzweill
                                                            Barbi & Stanley Plotnick
                                                            Barbie Lazar
                                                            Barry Badner
                                                            Barry Feuer
                                                            Barry Levinson
                                                            Barry Levy
                                                            Barry Rubin
                                                            Batsheva Bornstein
                                                            Batya & Jeremy Danzer
                                                            Bella Mmotzen
                                                            Ben Beres
                                                            Ben Cohen
                                                            Ben Fisher
                                                            Ben Katz Felice Fischer
                                                            Benjamin And Barbara Yasgur
                                                            Benjamin Dov Shapiro
                                                            Benjamin Goldberg
                                                            Benjamin Joffe
                                                            Benjamin Nathan
                                                            Benjamin Rothfeld
                                                            Benny Spiewak
                                                            Bernard Borowski
                                                            Bernice Manccherian
                                                            Bernice Reisman
                                                            Beryl Samson
                                                            Beth Levine
                                                            Beth & David Cohen
                                                            Beth & David Cohen
                                                            Beth Anker
                                                            Beth Balsam
                                                            Beth Ginsburg
                                                            Beth Guttman
                                                            Beth Jaffe
                                                            Beth Rosenberg
                                                            Bethea Salem
                                                            Betty Mikhly
                                                            Betty Roth
                                                            Betty Shore-Herman
                                                            Beverly And Bill Lebeau
                                                            Beverly Finkelstein
                                                            Beverly Goldsmith
                                                            Beverly Wolfer
                                                            Biana Shilshtut
                                                            Bina Presser
                                                            Blayne Ross
                                                            Bonnie Eckstein
                                                            Bonnie Gluck
                                                            Bonnie Goldberg
                                                            Bracha Schechter
                                                            Bradley Friedman
                                                            Bram Weber
                                                            Brandon Stamm
                                                            Brandy Demott
                                                            Brenda Bleiberg
                                                            Brenda Frank
                                                            Brian Cohen
                                                            Brian Gurtman
                                                            Brian Jacobs
                                                            Brian Jaffee
                                                            Brian Levinson
                                                            Brian Nadata
                                                            Brian Raven
                                                            Brian Tuckerman
                                                            Brigitte Dayan
                                                            Brina & Elliot Ganchrow
                                                            Brocha Strobel
                                                            Brooke And Eli Schostak
                                                            Brooke Goldberg
                                                            Brooke Schostak
                                                            Bruce & Pattie Friedman
                                                            Bruce Cohen
                                                            Bruce Younger
                                                            Bruria Eisner
                                                            Bryan Leider
                                                            Burton & Clairre Zweiman
                                                            Caren Richards
                                                            Carl Abramovitch
                                                            Carla Fenves
                                                            Carla Sprung
                                                            Carly Teichman
                                                            Carmela Lieberman
                                                            Carol Buchalter
                                                            Carol Novoseller
                                                            Carolyn Blue
                                                            Carolyn Greene
                                                            Caron Pfeffer
                                                            Carrie Mazoff
                                                            Carrie Nunes-Schaller
                                                            Carrie Stieglitz
                                                            Cary Maister
                                                            Caryn Davidman Leeor Reichman
                                                            Cat Gray
                                                            Catharine Coleman
                                                            Ceki Penso
                                                            Chagit Kaufman
                                                            Chaim Jaskoll
                                                            Chaim Poupko
                                                            Chana Bensimon
                                                            Chana Fine
                                                            Chana Labowitz
                                                            Chana Rachael Rubinfeld
                                                            Chana Sommer
                                                            Chandra Digregorio
                                                            Chani Kanarek
                                                            Chani Labowitz
                                                            Chani Turk
                                                            Chanie Kirschner
                                                            Chanie Wiesenberg
                                                            Chanita Friedman
                                                            Channah Trencher
                                                            Charitable Flex Fund
                                                            Charles & Phyllis Parker
                                                            Charles & Riki Gedinsky
                                                            Charles Goldgrab
                                                            Charles Traube
                                                            Charline Glowitz
                                                            Chase Mishloach Manot Proj Ruth Levi
                                                            Chava Mishulovin
                                                            Chaviva Lifson
                                                            Chaya And Aaron Segal
                                                            Chaya Kenigsberg
                                                            Chaya Solomon
                                                            Chelcie Fisher
                                                            Cheryl Brody
                                                            Cheryl Frankel
                                                            Cindy And Jay Chazan-Leipzig
                                                            Cindy Gros
                                                            Cindy Montoya
                                                            Cindy Nathanson
                                                            Cindy Tansky
                                                            Civia Caroline
                                                            Claire & David Ellman
                                                            Claire Cavalea
                                                            Claire Schmais
                                                            Commonwealth Home Fashions Inc.
                                                            Corey Reichardt
                                                            Cori Robinson Bellino
                                                            Corrie Spiegel-Diamond
                                                            Cortney Stark Cope
                                                            Cory Baker
                                                            Courtney Cerulo
                                                            Craig Cepler
                                                            Cynthia Guardado
                                                            Cynthia Rosen
                                                            Dahlia Levinson
                                                            Dale Boidman
                                                            Dalia Gefen
                                                            Dalia Gottlieb
                                                            Dalia Kassai
                                                            Dalia Youngerwood
                                                            Dan Haskell
                                                            Dan Messinger
                                                            Dan Pacht
                                                            Dana And Matthew Hiltzik
                                                            Dana Herman
                                                            Dana Klinek
                                                            Dana Rubinstein
                                                            Dana Wolf
                                                            Daniel & Alyssa Herschberg
                                                            Daniel & Lindsay Setton
                                                            Daniel & Robin Grunberger
                                                            Daniel & Yonina Kaplan
                                                            Daniel Avrutin
                                                            Daniel Avrutin
                                                            Daniel Berger
                                                            Daniel Dauber
                                                            Daniel Davis
                                                            Daniel Dershowitz Rachel Greenberger
                                                            Daniel Dershowitz Rachel Greenberger
                                                            Daniel Dershowitz Rachel Greenberger
                                                            Daniel Ellman
                                                            Daniel Erlbaum
                                                            Daniel Farkas
                                                            Daniel Friedlander
                                                            Daniel Haies
                                                            Daniel Kraus
                                                            Daniel Matt
                                                            Daniel Mattio Rosie Gurock
                                                            Daniel Michael
                                                            Daniel Oppenheim
                                                            Daniel Riemer
                                                            Daniel Schanler
                                                            Daniel Septimus
                                                            Daniel Sieradski
                                                            Daniel Smokler
                                                            Daniel Torczyner
                                                            Daniel Weinstock
                                                            Daniela & Zev Gontownik
                                                            Daniele And Jules Lassner
                                                            Daniele Heller
                                                            Daniella Dyckman
                                                            Daniella Topp
                                                            Danielle Kroo
                                                            Danielle Levy
                                                            Danielle Lilker
                                                            Danielle Todfeld
                                                            Danit Taub
                                                            Danit Taub
                                                            Danna Grunwald
                                                            Danna Zeiger
                                                            Danny And Barbara Fox
                                                            Dari Yudkoff
                                                            Dariya Nemchenko
                                                            Darren Edelstein
                                                            Dassi Rutman-Goldstein
                                                            David & Alisa Lasky
                                                            David & Buria Sokal
                                                            David & Michelle Ostreicher
                                                            David Alden
                                                            David And Ayala Lallouz
                                                            David And Ayala Lallouz
                                                            David And Bayla Kerner
                                                            David Becker
                                                            David Borg
                                                            David Celemencki
                                                            David Cohen
                                                            David Danzer
                                                            David Fisher
                                                            David Flatto
                                                            David Ibsen
                                                            David Kanbar
                                                            David Kraut
                                                            David Kupferberg
                                                            David Leinwand
                                                            David Levine
                                                            David Linden
                                                            David Marwick
                                                            David Mizrachi
                                                            David Mogilensky
                                                            David N Rosner
                                                            David Novoseller
                                                            David Pfeffermann
                                                            David Pollock
                                                            David Rebibo
                                                            David Samuel Schwartz
                                                            David Schreiber
                                                            David Sonenberg
                                                            David Warshaw
                                                            David Weiss
                                                            David Weissmann
                                                            David Witkin
                                                            David Wolkenfeld
                                                            David/Riva Atik/Atlas
                                                            Davud Goldberg
                                                            Daya Nair
                                                            Deana And Marshall Altman
                                                            Debbie And Bob Kaplan
                                                            Debbie And Mark Balk
                                                            Debbie And Paul Warshawsky
                                                            Debbie Dankoff
                                                            Debbie Field
                                                            Debbie Herman
                                                            Debbie Kamioner
                                                            Debbie Rapp
                                                            Debbie Shatzkes
                                                            Debbie Zollo
                                                            Debora Mordkowski
                                                            Deborah Berkowitz
                                                            Deborah Brandstatter
                                                            Deborah Cohn
                                                            Deborah Cohn
                                                            Deborah Dayan
                                                            Deborah Kandel
                                                            Deborah Lipstadt
                                                            Deborah Lobel
                                                            Deborah Lobel
                                                            Deborah Rubin
                                                            Deborah Veetal
                                                            Debra Gordon
                                                            Debra Hirsch
                                                            Debra Levy
                                                            Debra M. Lyman
                                                            Debra Steinart
                                                            Deena & Shelley Morris
                                                            Deena And David Faleck
                                                            Deena Kestenbaum
                                                            Deena Moskovic
                                                            Deena Novick
                                                            Deena Sturm
                                                            Dena Morton
                                                            Denise Glimcher
                                                            Denise San Martin
                                                            Designer Greetings Inc
                                                            Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation
                                                            Deutsche Bank Eli Fieter
                                                            Devora Allon
                                                            Devorah Feeley
                                                            Devorah Labow Abenhaim
                                                            Devorah Lipkind
                                                            Devorah Lipkind Weprin
                                                            Deyvi Pilosof
                                                            Diana & Howard Stevens
                                                            Diana Landau
                                                            Diane Felsen
                                                            Diane Stilwell
                                                            Dina Caroline
                                                            Dina Gielchinsky
                                                            Dina Leader
                                                            Dina Plittman Judah Miller
                                                            Dina Relles
                                                            Don Ghermezian
                                                            Donna Dollman
                                                            Donna Lawrence
                                                            Donna Lubniewski
                                                            Dora Chana And Josh Haar
                                                            Dora Machtinger
                                                            Doreen Warn
                                                            Dorianne Brenner
                                                            Doris Hammerschlag
                                                            Doris Travis
                                                            Dov & Jessica Robinson
                                                            Dov Hoschander
                                                            Dov Wasserman
                                                            Dovid Zlochower
                                                            Dr Gershon Pincus
                                                            Dr. Racheli Rubin
                                                            Drive 4772
                                                            Duane Chapman
                                                            Eddie & Ahuva Shostak Shostak
                                                            Edie Katz
                                                            Edward Best
                                                            Edwin Zaghi
                                                            Efram & Ilana Friedman
                                                            Efram Lahasky
                                                            Eileen Orsini
                                                            Elaine Dubrovsky
                                                            Elaine Weinberger
                                                            Elan And Irene Bar-Am
                                                            Elana Stein
                                                            Elana & Ronnie Kastner
                                                            Elana And Chanan Weissman
                                                            Elana Flaumenhaft
                                                            Elana Jacobson
                                                            Elana Joffe
                                                            Elana Lederman
                                                            Elana Makovsky Parver
                                                            Elana Rosenberg
                                                            Elana Rudick
                                                            Elana Schwarzberg
                                                            Elana Stramer
                                                            Elana Wenner
                                                            Elanit Jakabovics
                                                            Elanna Posner
                                                            Eli Baumgarten
                                                            Eli Dominitz
                                                            Eli Ebrams
                                                            Eli Feiler
                                                            Eli Isak Emily Lerer
                                                            Eli Segal
                                                            Elias Marcovici
                                                            Eliav Sharvit
                                                            Elie Jacobs
                                                            Elie Schwartz
                                                            Elie Yudewitz
                                                            Elie, Awi And Jack Salomon
                                                            Eliezer Weiss
                                                            Elisha Huff
                                                            Elisheva Avital
                                                            Elisheva Konstam
                                                            Elisheva Meier
                                                            Elisheva Poupko Schreiber
                                                            Elisheva Vissel
                                                            Elishevaa Konstam
                                                            Eliyahu Lifschitz
                                                            Eliyahu Waldman
                                                            Elizabeth Cohen
                                                            Elizabeth Ebersole
                                                            Elizabeth Jefferson
                                                            Elizabeth Konecky
                                                            Ellen Fischel
                                                            Ellen Flamholz
                                                            Ellen Knue
                                                            Ellen Leef-Sherrow
                                                            Ellen Ress
                                                            Elli Himelstein
                                                            Ellie Feit
                                                            Elliot & Lori Linzer
                                                            Elliot Fenner
                                                            Elliot Freeman
                                                            Elliot Fruchter
                                                            Elliot Gitler
                                                            Elliot Ollech
                                                            Elliot Smith
                                                            Elliot Smith
                                                            Elliott Davis
                                                            Elliott Forgash
                                                            Elly Engelstein
                                                            Elly Kramer
                                                            Elyse Rabinowitz
                                                            Elysha Rothstein
                                                            Emilia Gelman
                                                            Emily And Jason Lieberman
                                                            Emily And Justin Schneider
                                                            Emily Chaleff
                                                            Emily Cohen
                                                            Emily Kandel
                                                            Emily Lehrman
                                                            Emily Renee Tamir
                                                            Emily Steinhart
                                                            Emlee Jaffe
                                                            Emlee Jaffe
                                                            Eran Sharon
                                                            Eric & Sara Schachter
                                                            Eric Fisch
                                                            Eric Post
                                                            Eric Shafran & Julie Lieber
                                                            Eric Wasserstrom
                                                            Eric Weiss
                                                            Erica Berger
                                                            Erica Elsant
                                                            Erica Levine
                                                            Erica Sharkansky
                                                            Erica Werber
                                                            Erik & Michelle Gross
                                                            Erik Kessler
                                                            Erin Leib Smokler
                                                            Erin Leib Smokler
                                                            Esta Luber
                                                            Ester Friedman
                                                            Ester Fuchs
                                                            Esther Buchsbaum
                                                            Esther Genuth
                                                            Esther Goldberg
                                                            Esther Hollander
                                                            Esther Hollander
                                                            Esther Jaskoll
                                                            Esther Kustanowitz
                                                            Esther Liberman
                                                            Esther Mandelbaum
                                                            Esther Meisels
                                                            Esther Roth
                                                            Esthie Rosenblatt
                                                            Esti And Jason Buskin
                                                            Esti Prager
                                                            Estie Knobel
                                                            Etan Narkis
                                                            Ethan Isenberg
                                                            Ettie Kolp
                                                            Eva & Avi Saltzman
                                                            Eva & Eli Genauer
                                                            Eva Raby
                                                            Evan And Robin Fineman
                                                            Evan Hakalir
                                                            Evan Leibowitz
                                                            Evan Majzner
                                                            Eve Singer Kovsky
                                                            Evelyn Ash
                                                            Eyal Bino
                                                            Eytan Schiller
                                                            Ezra Fass
                                                            Ezy Poupko
                                                            Faith & Moshe Elkobi
                                                            Farrah Fidler
                                                            Farrah Rubenstein
                                                            Fay Burekhovich
                                                            Faye Goldshor
                                                            Fern Karhu
                                                            Fidelity Charitable Evelyn & Lawrence Kraut
                                                            Fidelity Charitable Jeff Stier
                                                            Fjc Foundation Felicia Herman
                                                            Fjc Sanagail Fund
                                                            Forest Laboratories, Inc.
                                                            Forrest Zlochiver
                                                            Frances Victory
                                                            Francine Wetheimer
                                                            Frayda Gonshor
                                                            Frederic & Ahuva Cohen
                                                            G Michael Gus Gallagher
                                                            Gabe Roth
                                                            Gabor Grunstein
                                                            Gabriel Douek
                                                            Gabriel Erem
                                                            Gabriel Korach
                                                            Gabriel Moreen
                                                            Gabriel Morrow
                                                            Gabriel Morrow
                                                            Gabriela Advocat
                                                            Gabriella Clingman
                                                            Gaby Silver
                                                            Gail Arnow
                                                            Gail Berman
                                                            Gail Billig
                                                            Gail Cantor
                                                            Gail Jaffe
                                                            Gail Rieder
                                                            Galete Levin
                                                            Gary And Judy Rosenblatt
                                                            Gary Friedman
                                                            Gary Garelick
                                                            Gavri Slasky
                                                            Genna Singer
                                                            Gennady Gelman
                                                            Gennye Krasner
                                                            Geoff Zelcer
                                                            Georgette & Steven Westerman
                                                            Geraldine Bitton
                                                            Geri Mandel
                                                            Gershi Enterprise
                                                            Getzel And Claire Sheila Cohen
                                                            Giga Shane
                                                            Gila Gluck
                                                            Gila Loike
                                                            Gila Needle
                                                            Gilah Kletenik
                                                            Gina Capra
                                                            Giti And Jack Bendheim
                                                            Gitti Deitcher
                                                            Gizela Braun
                                                            Glenn & Karen Cohn
                                                            Goldie Fogel
                                                            Goldie Milner
                                                            Goldman Sachs David Kraut
                                                            Goldman Sachs Gary Garelick
                                                            Goldman Sachs Melissa Schwartz
                                                            Goldman, Sachs Matching Aster Katlowitz
                                                            Goldman, Sachs Matching Michael Novich
                                                            Goldman, Sachs Matching Yosef Weiner
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                                                            Hadassa Rutman
                                                            Hadassa Sochet
                                                            Hadassah Corman
                                                            Hadassah Katz
                                                            Hadassah Lipstein
                                                            Hadassah Max
                                                            Hadassah Sochet
                                                            Hadassah Sochet
                                                            Haddassah Nurses' Council Of Phila.
                                                            Haley Crooks
                                                            Haley Talley
                                                            Hannah Dayan
                                                            Hannah Feinberg
                                                            Haroldalice Lehrer
                                                            Harriet Bernstein
                                                            Harriet Mandel
                                                            Harry Feldman
                                                            Harry Krotowski
                                                            Harry Rosen
                                                            Harry Schick
                                                            Harvey Levenson
                                                            Haviva Weitz
                                                            Heather Dabah
                                                            Heather Gordon
                                                            Heather Gordon
                                                            Heather Lanzetta
                                                            Heather Robinson
                                                            Hedy And Morris Cohen
                                                            Hedy Cohen
                                                            Heidi And Allan Rolnick
                                                            Heidi Bernstein
                                                            Helen Davis
                                                            Helen Hakak
                                                            Helen/Alan Feit/Lourie
                                                            Helena Hirschel
                                                            Helene Lockspeiser
                                                            Helene, David, Sandra And Sasha Lerner
                                                            Hendy Mandel
                                                            Henry Anzarouth
                                                            Herbert Seif
                                                            Herschel Kaufman
                                                            Hilary And Jack (Schwersenski) Gecovich
                                                            Hillary Blumenthal
                                                            Hillel And Rachel Tuchman
                                                            Hillel Davis
                                                            Hillel Greene
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                                                            Idit Isaacsohn
                                                            Idit Kendall
                                                            Igor Elkind Zakai Sivann Kroll-Zeldin Zakai
                                                            Ilan & Rachel Tocker
                                                            Ilana Aisen
                                                            Ilana And Adee Weismark
                                                            Ilana Breslau
                                                            Ilana Decker
                                                            Ilana Deutsch
                                                            Ilana Levovski
                                                            Ilana Neufeld
                                                            Ilana Stock
                                                            Ilana Weinstein
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                                                            Ilanit Sternberg
                                                            Ilya Bodner
                                                            Ingrid Johanne Epstein
                                                            Inna Masri
                                                            Ip Foundation
                                                            Ira Hofer
                                                            Ira Kellman
                                                            Irving Feldgaier
                                                            Isaac Galena
                                                            Isaac Galena
                                                            Isaac Winkler
                                                            Isaiah Kletenik
                                                            Isarel & Esther Rose
                                                            Ishan Kaul
                                                            Itiya Wolman
                                                            Itsi Kleinfeld
                                                            J Weinberger
                                                            Jack & Esther Arfa
                                                            Jack Bordan
                                                            Jack Hasen
                                                            Jack Penso
                                                            Jacob & Stephanie Rubin
                                                            Jacob Aris
                                                            Jacob Bratin
                                                            Jacob Cytryn
                                                            Jacob Jenkelowitz
                                                            Jacob Kupietzky
                                                            Jacob Labendz
                                                            Jacob Polansky
                                                            Jacob Stahl
                                                            Jacob Wasserman
                                                            Jacob Weinstein
                                                            Jacob Wisse
                                                            Jacqueline And Marc Kaufman
                                                            Jacqueline Turk
                                                            Jacques Sutton
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                                                            Jake Marmer
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                                                            James Young
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                                                            Jamie Schneider
                                                            Jamie Schwartz
                                                            Jana Neil
                                                            Jane & Yaffa Liebman
                                                            Jane Eisen
                                                            Jane Ginns
                                                            Janet Podell
                                                            Janna Kaplowitz
                                                            Jason And Yonat Lurie
                                                            Jason Finkelstein
                                                            Jason Rok
                                                            Jason Rosenblatt
                                                            Jason Sheller
                                                            Jay Feinberg
                                                            Jay Lipsey
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                                                            Jeannie Fisher
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                                                            Jedidiah Siev
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                                                            Jeffrey & Rebecca Misher
                                                            Jeffrey And Rachel Rotenberg
                                                            Jeffrey And Rose-Ann Weinstein
                                                            Jeffrey And Vivian Claman
                                                            Jeffrey Bajtner
                                                            Jeffrey Goldberg
                                                            Jeffrey Herman
                                                            Jeffrey Kohn
                                                            Jeffrey Rubin
                                                            Jeffrey Stern
                                                            Jeffrey Taub
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                                                            Jennifer & Eli Gardyn
                                                            Jennifer And Josh Wise
                                                            Jennifer Berger
                                                            Jennifer Cammeyer
                                                            Jennifer Diamond
                                                            Jennifer Falk
                                                            Jennifer Fisher
                                                            Jennifer Goldman
                                                            Jennifer Hepps
                                                            Jennifer Jaye Horwitz
                                                            Jennifer Kanarek
                                                            Jennifer Klafter
                                                            Jennifer Lauren Sultan
                                                            Jennifer Mualem
                                                            Jennifer Palmer
                                                            Jennifer Pfeiffer
                                                            Jennifer Rozner
                                                            Jennifer Schoenbrun
                                                            Jennifer Sultan
                                                            Jennifer Sultan
                                                            Jennifer Taitz
                                                            Jennifer Taitz
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                                                            Jeremy & Rina Schiowitz
                                                            Jeremy & Robin Siegel
                                                            Jeremy Bandler
                                                            Jeremy Dalkoff
                                                            Jeremy Kaye
                                                            Jeremy Koppel
                                                            Jeremy Maryles
                                                            Jeremy Steiger
                                                            Jeremy Stern
                                                            Jeremy Weisser
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                                                            Jessica And Kobi Leifer
                                                            Jessica Black
                                                            Jessica Brown
                                                            Jessica Downes
                                                            Jessica Fisher
                                                            Jessica Glazer
                                                            Jessica Gross
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                                                            Jessica Light-Lefkowitz
                                                            Jessica Matiash
                                                            Jessica Meller
                                                            Jessica Sandbrand
                                                            Jessica Tuchinsky
                                                            Jessica Tuchinsky
                                                            Jessica Walitt
                                                            Jessica Zmood
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                                                            Jewish Communal Fund Karen Adler & Lawrence Greenwald
                                                            Jewish Communal Fund Menucha Foundaiton
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                                                            Jill Smiley
                                                            Jill Wildes
                                                            Jillian Grover
                                                            Jim Radosevic
                                                            Joan Betesh
                                                            Joan Lieberman
                                                            Joan Peled
                                                            Joann & Harold Levine
                                                            Joanna Halperin
                                                            Joanna Rosenberg
                                                            Joanna Samuels
                                                            Joanne Wagner
                                                            Jocelyn Egyes Holt
                                                            Jocelyn Jonas
                                                            Jodi Samuels
                                                            Jodi Uderman
                                                            Jody Pollack
                                                            Joe Winkler
                                                            Joel & Eileen Medetsky
                                                            Joel Jacobson
                                                            Joel Katz
                                                            Joel Orgel
                                                            Joel Raby
                                                            Joey And Tamar Nussbaum And Kaplan-Marans
                                                            Jon Ackerman
                                                            Jon Herbitter
                                                            Jon Lindenblatt
                                                            Jonah Ufberg
                                                            Jonathan Brickman
                                                            Jonathan & Sharon Sherman
                                                            Jonathan Bendheim
                                                            Jonathan Dahan
                                                            Jonathan Duker
                                                            Jonathan Eltes
                                                            Jonathan Hornblass
                                                            Jonathan Jacoby
                                                            Jonathan Kipper
                                                            Jonathan Petuchowski Leslie Yenkin
                                                            Jonathan Pulitzer
                                                            Jonathan Pulitzer
                                                            Jonathan Reich
                                                            Jonathan Reisman
                                                            Jonathan Schwartzbard
                                                            Jonathan Siskind
                                                            Jonathan Straus
                                                            Jonathan Taub
                                                            Jonathan Ullner
                                                            Jonathan Wener
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                                                            Jordan Hiller
                                                            Jordan Lipstadt
                                                            Jordan Rosenberg
                                                            Jordana Farbstein
                                                            Joseph & Ilana Weinstein
                                                            Joseph Corn
                                                            Joseph Newman
                                                            Joseph Paperman
                                                            Joseph Paperman
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                                                            Joseph Rosenberg
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                                                            Josh Kramer
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                                                            Josh Zelig
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                                                            Joshua Elsant
                                                            Joshua Frankel
                                                            Joshua Furman
                                                            Joshua Goodman
                                                            Joshua Kunis
                                                            Joshua Lookstein
                                                            Joshua Podietz
                                                            Joshua Polonsky
                                                            Joshua Tenenbaum
                                                            Joshua Zelig
                                                            Joy Goldstein
                                                            Joy Kimmelman
                                                            Joyce And Marvin Tanner
                                                            Joyce Ungar
                                                            Jp Morgan Chase Gila Loike
                                                            Judith And Rafi Rosenbaum
                                                            Judith Falk
                                                            Judith Gershater
                                                            Judith Kaplan
                                                            Judith Lupatkin
                                                            Judith Mitrani
                                                            Judy Birnboim
                                                            Judy Brilliant
                                                            Judy Joffe
                                                            Judy Kamber
                                                            Julia Zuckerman
                                                            Julia Zuckerman
                                                            Juliana Jacobs
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                                                            Julie Geller
                                                            Julie Hanus
                                                            Julie Sossanpour
                                                            Juliette Rubio
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                                                            Kaen Aron
                                                            Kalany Rubin
                                                            Karan Rangi
                                                            Karen Barall
                                                            Karen Farzad
                                                            Karen Glick
                                                            Karen Goldman
                                                            Karen Levine
                                                            Karen Ostrove
                                                            Karen Wertheim
                                                            Kari Kelley
                                                            Karin Dimant
                                                            Karina Gindi
                                                            Karl Fallenbaum
                                                            Karl Jacobs
                                                            Kate Bailey
                                                            Kate Stern
                                                            Katherine Brownstein
                                                            Kathleen Klein
                                                            Kathy And Terry Grossman
                                                            Katie Bordoley
                                                            Katie White
                                                            Katya Dunitz
                                                            Kelly & Louis Pierre Malka Fournier
                                                            Kenneth & Rachel Brander
                                                            Kenneth Judah & Mira Wachstock
                                                            Kenneth Prager
                                                            Kenneth Steinman Robin Judd
                                                            Keren Weinberger
                                                            Kerry Newman
                                                            Ketty O'Donnell
                                                            Kevin And Anna Jacobs
                                                            Kevin Kline
                                                            Kimberly Brown
                                                            Kimberly Gehant
                                                            Kincade Webb
                                                            Kitt Fife
                                                            Lana Rifkin
                                                            Lanie And Ari Kellman
                                                            Lara Mayouhas
                                                            Larry Posner
                                                            Laura And David Assor
                                                            Laura Csillag
                                                            Laura Cutler
                                                            Laura Cutler
                                                            Laura Segal
                                                            Laureen Lipsky
                                                            Laurel Gershon
                                                            Lauren Mark Shinar
                                                            Lauren & Andrew Cohen
                                                            Lauren Chesley
                                                            Lauren Cooper
                                                            Lauren Katz
                                                            Lauren Shinar
                                                            Laurent Morali
                                                            Lavea Eisenberg
                                                            Lavea Eisenberg
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                                                            Lawrence Trilling
                                                            Lea Kronenberg
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                                                            Leah Kaufman
                                                            Leah Rotter
                                                            Leah Schild
                                                            Leah Sobel
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                                                            Leah Tobin
                                                            Leah Wohl
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                                                            Leonard Lang
                                                            Leonard Schwartz
                                                            Leor Sinai
                                                            Leora Allen
                                                            Leora Hecht
                                                            Leora Khalili
                                                            Lesley Loon
                                                            Leslie And Larry Newman
                                                            Leslie Fishman
                                                            Leslie Kaston
                                                            Leslie Klein
                                                            Leta Borck
                                                            Lewis Polishook
                                                            Lidia Sanchez
                                                            Lilach Bar
                                                            Lillian Aronin
                                                            Linda Doster
                                                            Linda Eichler
                                                            Linda Greenberg
                                                            Linda Honigwachs
                                                            Linda Laing
                                                            Linda Machlis
                                                            Linda Roberts
                                                            Linda Senat
                                                            Linda Sheftel
                                                            Linda Wyse
                                                            Lindi Vanderwalde
                                                            Lindsay Bressman
                                                            Lindsay Heckman
                                                            Lindsay Minerva
                                                            Lindsay Nadel- Yudin
                                                            Lindsay Nicole Cooper
                                                            Lindsay Troilo
                                                            Liora Shayestehfrouz
                                                            Liora Shoenig
                                                            Lisa And Greg Yates
                                                            Lisa Breshin
                                                            Lisa Brookman
                                                            Lisa Brookman
                                                            Lisa Chodosh
                                                            Lisa Cohen
                                                            Lisa Cohen
                                                            Lisa Gordis
                                                            Lisa Grundman
                                                            Lisa Guttman
                                                            Lisa Pinkis
                                                            Lisa Rosenblatt Gross
                                                            Lisa Safdieh
                                                            Lisa Sopher
                                                            Lisa Yoram
                                                            Lisa Zlotnick
                                                            Lissa Preston
                                                            Livia And Elias Marcovici
                                                            Liza Steiger
                                                            Liza Wolf
                                                            Loren Gelber
                                                            Lorenca Rosal
                                                            Loretta Paley
                                                            Lori Davis
                                                            Lori Nusbaum
                                                            Louie Salmons
                                                            Louisa Schindelheim
                                                            Louise Wolf
                                                            Lucas Manning
                                                            Lynda Zycherman
                                                            Lynne & Jon Greer
                                                            Lynne Shiller
                                                            M Feder
                                                            Madelyn And Leonard Smallberg
                                                            Mae Ozeri
                                                            Maida Aviad
                                                            Malka Simon
                                                            Malkie Grozalsky
                                                            Mandy And Nick Shannon/Agderian
                                                            Mandy Shannon
                                                            Mara And Jeff Shanes
                                                            Marc And Joy Rothenberg
                                                            Marc And Leiba Erlbaum
                                                            Marc Dubroff
                                                            Marc Dubroff
                                                            Marc Fisher
                                                            Marc Fisher
                                                            Marc Goldmann
                                                            Marc Mandelbaum
                                                            Marc Romberg
                                                            Marc Simon
                                                            Marcia Karon
                                                            Marcia Schulman
                                                            Marcie Hemmelstein
                                                            Marco Greenberg
                                                            Marek Machtinger
                                                            Margaret Kettler
                                                            Margie Vigneri
                                                            Marguerite Werrin
                                                            Margy Cohen
                                                            Marilyn & Irving Zeidel
                                                            Marilyn Trattner
                                                            Marina Rozenberg
                                                            Marion Zweiter
                                                            Marisa Loebmann
                                                            Marisa Tuchinsky
                                                            Marisa Tuchinsky
                                                            Marjorie Aaron
                                                            Mark & Rarchel Zelmanovich
                                                            Mark Botnick
                                                            Mark Eidgah
                                                            Mark Krotowski
                                                            Mark Spatzner
                                                            Marleen Litt
                                                            Marlene And Mark Moster
                                                            Marlyn Bradshaw
                                                            Marni Mandell
                                                            Marni Shubowitz
                                                            Marsha Panzer
                                                            Marshall Haber
                                                            Marti Freund
                                                            Martin Tabaksblat
                                                            Martin Zinkow
                                                            Maruja Ivri
                                                            Mati Adler
                                                            Matt Anthony
                                                            Matt & Stefanie Diamond
                                                            Matt Gaines
                                                            Matthew Cutler
                                                            Matthew Diamond
                                                            Matthew Hiltzik
                                                            Matthew Maryles
                                                            Matthew Samuelowitz
                                                            Matthew Sultanik
                                                            Maureen And Jack Dym
                                                            Maurice Hornblass
                                                            Maurie Backman
                                                            Maxine Terry Scheiman
                                                            Maya Cohen Abitbol
                                                            Maya Finch
                                                            Maya Joyandeh
                                                            Maya Mizrahi
                                                            Mazil Mizrachi
                                                            Meaghan Reilly
                                                            Mec Team
                                                            Meeka And David Natanov
                                                            Megan Goldman
                                                            Megan Lewis
                                                            Meghan Lapides
                                                            Meir And Helene Mishkoff
                                                            Meir Szokovski
                                                            Meira Horowitz
                                                            Melanie Levav
                                                            Melanie Notkin
                                                            Melanie Smollin
                                                            Melissa Bernstein
                                                            Melissa Gitman
                                                            Melissa Kaufman
                                                            Melissa Margles
                                                            Melissa Schwartz
                                                            Melissa Schwartz
                                                            Melissa Schwartz
                                                            Melissa Simon
                                                            Melissa Zegerman
                                                            Menachem Braun
                                                            Menachem Glik
                                                            Menachem Lieber
                                                            Menachem Roness
                                                            Menashe Shapiro
                                                            Menashe Shapiro
                                                            Mendel Levy
                                                            Merav Cohen
                                                            Meredith Lewis
                                                            Meryl Lewis
                                                            Meryl Lewis
                                                            Metropolitan Plumbing And Heating Corporation
                                                            Micah And Eliana Katz
                                                            Micah Coleman
                                                            Michael & Lauren Gewirtz
                                                            Michael & Rina Nessim
                                                            Michael & Susan Schneider
                                                            Michael Atkin
                                                            Michael Balinsky
                                                            Michael Berenhaus
                                                            Michael Buchman
                                                            Michael Chill
                                                            Michael Cinamon
                                                            Michael Evan & Ilya Pauline Welfeld
                                                            Michael Findling
                                                            Michael Gerber
                                                            Michael Goldsmith
                                                            Michael Harrison
                                                            Michael Hauser
                                                            Michael Hoenig
                                                            Michael Kaplan
                                                            Michael Littenberg-Brown
                                                            Michael Mitchell
                                                            Michael Novich
                                                            Michael Parker
                                                            Michael Plaut
                                                            Michael Sarill
                                                            Michael Serlin
                                                            Michael Teller
                                                            Michael Walshe
                                                            Michael Zukor
                                                            Michal Brickman
                                                            Michal Gursen
                                                            Michel Gladstein
                                                            Michele & Joseph Tabak
                                                            Michele Hirsch
                                                            Michele Jenny Adler
                                                            Michele Kirschner
                                                            Michele Levine
                                                            Michele Major
                                                            Michelle & Robert Zellner
                                                            Michelle Arbesman
                                                            Michelle Bernstein
                                                            Michelle Bloom
                                                            Michelle Dinits
                                                            Michelle Dolgin
                                                            Michelle Ender
                                                            Michelle Gallant
                                                            Michelle Lebowits
                                                            Michelle Lebowits
                                                            Michelle Messer
                                                            Michelle Miller
                                                            Michelle Orgel
                                                            Michelle Ross
                                                            Michelle Wiesel
                                                            Michelle Wizenfeld
                                                            Micky Nordmann
                                                            Micole Koslowe
                                                            Mike Holchendler
                                                            Mike Taub
                                                            Mikhail Pevzner
                                                            Milan Bratin
                                                            Milana Flusberg
                                                            Millie Marcus
                                                            Milton Houpt
                                                            Mindy & Josh Kirschenbaum
                                                            Mindy Levin
                                                            Mindy Levin
                                                            Mindy Rothstein
                                                            Mindy Shear
                                                            Minna And Jeff Heilpern
                                                            Mira Wasserman
                                                            Miriam Fishman
                                                            Miriam Klein
                                                            Miriam Reisman
                                                            Miriam Shaviv
                                                            Miriam Stern
                                                            Miriam Warshaviak
                                                            Miriam Wortman
                                                            Miryam Block
                                                            Miryam Seid
                                                            Mitchell Moss
                                                            Mitchell Weinberg
                                                            Monica And Elon Zibitt Zibitt
                                                            Monica Merlis
                                                            Mordecai Walfish
                                                            Mordechai Lichtenstein
                                                            Morrie Levy
                                                            Morris Friedman
                                                            Moshe Seewald
                                                            Mozelle Mimran
                                                            Mutual Of America Foundation
                                                            N Debra Cohen
                                                            Nadia Sharon
                                                            Nadine Damboritz
                                                            Naftali Miller
                                                            Nancy And Avi Hasen
                                                            Nancy Rosenfeld
                                                            Nancy Rothman
                                                            Nancy Rothstein
                                                            Nancy Smith
                                                            Nancy Triest
                                                            Naomi & Ira Sved
                                                            Naomi And Hadar Weiss
                                                            Naomi And Mike Burgher
                                                            Naomi Barth
                                                            Naomi Goldis
                                                            Naomi Joseph
                                                            Naomi Ostrove
                                                            Naomi Preminger
                                                            Naomi Saffra
                                                            Naomi Sved
                                                            Naomi Wolinsky
                                                            Natalia Hirschhorn
                                                            Natalie Batshaw
                                                            Natalie Hirschel
                                                            Natalie Jonas
                                                            Natalie Marciano
                                                            Natalie Solomon
                                                            Natalie Yellin
                                                            Natanella Har-Sinay
                                                            Nathan Lichtenstein
                                                            Nava Silton
                                                            Nechama And Boaz Spitz (Abramoff)
                                                            Nechama Schwartzman
                                                            Nechama Zunenshine
                                                            Neil Zelekowitz
                                                            Nessa Liben
                                                            Nessim Dabah
                                                            Netanella Cohen
                                                            Network For Good
                                                            Nicole Adler
                                                            Nicole Blaskovic
                                                            Nicole Forbus
                                                            Nicole Mersky
                                                            Nicole Wolfset
                                                            Nigel Savage
                                                            Nike Silberstein
                                                            Nili Auerbach
                                                            Nina Bruder
                                                            Nina Kantrowitz
                                                            Noah And Jessica Steinberg
                                                            Noah Bernstein
                                                            Noah Moss
                                                            Noam And Aliza Salamon
                                                            Nomi Friedman
                                                            Nopi Suioy
                                                            Norman Smith
                                                            Norman Sohn
                                                            Nurit Altura
                                                            Ocena Realty Co.
                                                            Oksana Khavasova
                                                            Olga Yeshchina
                                                            Omri Flicker
                                                            Or And Sharon Mars
                                                            Ora And Michael Davies
                                                            Oren Kanner
                                                            Orlee Guttman
                                                            Orlee Guttman
                                                            Orly Goldsmith
                                                            Paige Kramer
                                                            Pam Scheininger
                                                            Patrick Trainor
                                                            Paul & Sheryl Rabinowitz
                                                            Paul Kentor
                                                            Paul Labarbera
                                                            Paul Ufberg
                                                            Paula Jacobs
                                                            Paulette Pellani
                                                            Penina Hoch
                                                            Penny Friedman
                                                            Perel Schneid
                                                            Peter And Debbie Zollo
                                                            Peter Zollo
                                                            Phil And Aviva Greenland
                                                            Phil Skversky
                                                            Philip Pasternak
                                                            Philip Trauring
                                                            Pia Pollack
                                                            Pia Rubin
                                                            Piera Miller
                                                            Priscilla Pena
                                                            R Zvi & Laurie Engel
                                                            R. Eugenia Erlij
                                                            Raanan And Shira Zackai
                                                            Rabbi Jonathan Morgenstern Young Israel Of Scarsdale
                                                            Rabbi Aaron & Ellen Brander
                                                            Rabbi Avraham Steinberg
                                                            Rabbi Billy And Ada Lewkowicz
                                                            Rabbi Mark And Jo Ann Friedman
                                                            Rabin Rahmani
                                                            Rachael Abrams
                                                            Rachael Engler
                                                            Rachael Engler (Grossman)
                                                            Rachel Brous
                                                            Rachel & David Fryman
                                                            Rachel & Jj Weinstein
                                                            Rachel And Aaron Kessel
                                                            Rachel And Daniel Hanuka
                                                            Rachel Aviner
                                                            Rachel Avner
                                                            Rachel Bob
                                                            Rachel Bunin
                                                            Rachel Colman
                                                            Rachel Cyrulnik
                                                            Rachel Fishman
                                                            Rachel Haber
                                                            Rachel Heftler
                                                            Rachel Hillman
                                                            Rachel Isaacs
                                                            Rachel Kalban
                                                            Rachel Klein
                                                            Rachel Konik
                                                            Rachel Lengel
                                                            Rachel Levine
                                                            Rachel Levinson
                                                            Rachel Light
                                                            Rachel Loew
                                                            Rachel Lopatin
                                                            Rachel Lurie
                                                            Rachel Miller
                                                            Rachel Oralevich
                                                            Rachel Posner
                                                            Rachel Rosenthal
                                                            Rachel Steinmetz
                                                            Rachel Stern
                                                            Rachel Tocker
                                                            Rachel Traurig
                                                            Rachel Wolf
                                                            Rachel Wolk
                                                            Rachelle Rosenberg
                                                            Rahamim Hori
                                                            Raimi Tuchinksy
                                                            Rami Schwartzer
                                                            Randi Azoulay
                                                            Randi Lieberman
                                                            Randi Rothberg
                                                            Randi Shane
                                                            Randi Sultan
                                                            Randy And Jane Soifer
                                                            Randy Gold
                                                            Randy Modell
                                                            Raphael Savitz
                                                            Raya Wasser
                                                            Raymond & Elizabeth Silverstein
                                                            Rebecca And David Russo
                                                            Rebecca Barak
                                                            Rebecca Blum
                                                            Rebecca Davis
                                                            Rebecca Feit
                                                            Rebecca Frankel
                                                            Rebecca Gottlieb
                                                            Rebecca Herschkopf
                                                            Rebecca Hindin
                                                            Rebecca Keys
                                                            Rebecca Levin
                                                            Rebecca Missel
                                                            Rebecca Mittman
                                                            Rebecca Norris
                                                            Rebecca Sachs
                                                            Rebecca Saidlower
                                                            Rebecca Samson
                                                            Rebecca Serber
                                                            Rebecca Wilchins
                                                            Rebecca Wood
                                                            Rebekah Friedman
                                                            Regine Clement
                                                            Reisha Slavin-Dergel
                                                            Rena Berkovits
                                                            Rena Goldin
                                                            Rena Nickerson
                                                            Rena Zlotnick
                                                            Renana Levine
                                                            Renata Schondorf
                                                            Renee Lenga
                                                            Renee Levy
                                                            Renee Schiff
                                                            Renee Tolchinsky
                                                            Renee Wietschner
                                                            Reuben Joshua Poupko
                                                            Reuven Greenvald
                                                            Revital Yona
                                                            Rhoda Vineberg
                                                            Rich Mansour
                                                            Richard Dorfman
                                                            Richard Mendles
                                                            Richard Weiss
                                                            Ricky And Moshe Hornblass
                                                            Rifki Freundlich
                                                            Rina (Ebel) And Allan Schwartz
                                                            Rina Goldberg
                                                            Rina Karon
                                                            Rina Karon
                                                            Rina Karon
                                                            Rina Karon
                                                            Rina Karon
                                                            Risa Margulies
                                                            Rita Jacobs
                                                            Rita Lourie
                                                            Rita Munley Gallagher
                                                            Rivka Kugel
                                                            Rivka Last
                                                            Rivkah & Eddie Izso
                                                            Rivkah Felman
                                                            Rivky Stern
                                                            Rivy Poupko Kletenik
                                                            Rob Just
                                                            Roben Kantor
                                                            Robert & Melissa Leff
                                                            Robert & Michelle Mikhli
                                                            Robert Dvorkin
                                                            Robert Kleinman
                                                            Robert Levine
                                                            Robert Meyers
                                                            Robert Rosen
                                                            Robert Rothberg
                                                            Robert Weiss
                                                            Roberta And Norm Hanson
                                                            Roberta And Norman Hanson
                                                            Roberta And Norman Hanson
                                                            Robin Benoff
                                                            Robin Epstein
                                                            Robin Mccorry
                                                            Robin Nemeroff
                                                            Robyn & Roni Shapiro
                                                            Robyn And Jonathan Katz
                                                            Robyn Barsky
                                                            Robyn Polansky
                                                            Rochelle Chester
                                                            Roey Ahram
                                                            Roger & Sheila Meyer
                                                            Ron And Marcia Brauner
                                                            Ron Halber
                                                            Rona Steinerman
                                                            Ronda Wilson
                                                            Ronit Pearl
                                                            Rosalie Schulman
                                                            Ross Paperman
                                                            Ross Paperman
                                                            Ruben Kliksberg
                                                            Ruby Gottlieb
                                                            Ruth Donnelly
                                                            Ruth Frances Hartstein
                                                            Ruth Kastner
                                                            Ruth Kentor
                                                            Ruth Krieger
                                                            Ruth Miller
                                                            Ruth Raymon
                                                            Ruth Rosenberg
                                                            Ruth Schelberg
                                                            Ruthie Golan
                                                            Ruven Goldstein
                                                            S & J Cohen
                                                            S W
                                                            S. & E. Farrell
                                                            Sabrina Mencer
                                                            Sabrina Rosen
                                                            Sadie Khodorkovsky
                                                            Sales Force Foundation
                                                            Sally Hamway
                                                            Samantha Kramer
                                                            Samantha Kuznik
                                                            Samantha Slater
                                                            Samantha Snyder
                                                            Samara Elias
                                                            Samson Frankel
                                                            Samuel & Rivka Ross
                                                            Samuel Adelsberg
                                                            Samuel Babich
                                                            Samuel Masyr
                                                            Sanda Abraham
                                                            Sandra Friedman
                                                            Sandra Hoenig
                                                            Sandra Hoenig
                                                            Sandra K Smith
                                                            Sandra Palefski
                                                            Sandra Probasco
                                                            Sandy & Avi Steiner
                                                            Sandy And Eli Kogut
                                                            Sandy Lerman
                                                            Sandy Probasco
                                                            Sandy Rosenbaum
                                                            Sandy Roth
                                                            Sandy Vladescu
                                                            Santhi Yarlagadda
                                                            Sara Barzideh
                                                            Sara Becker
                                                            Sara Boriskin
                                                            Sara Daniels Wajcman
                                                            Sara Fredman
                                                            Sara Hiltzik
                                                            Sara Kohn
                                                            Sara Kutliroff
                                                            Sara Lamar
                                                            Sara Markowitz
                                                            Sara Oberstein
                                                            Sara Rosenberg
                                                            Sara Rubin
                                                            Sara Schoen
                                                            Sara Shapiro-Plevan
                                                            Sara Shraibman
                                                            Sara Timen
                                                            Sara Vigneri
                                                            Sara Zausmer
                                                            Sara Zilberstein
                                                            Sarah & Etan Bendheim
                                                            Sarah Bensimon
                                                            Sarah Berman
                                                            Sarah Chopp
                                                            Sarah Friedman
                                                            Sarah Galena
                                                            Sarah Kopciel
                                                            Sarah London
                                                            Sarah Morgulis
                                                            Sarah Prostak
                                                            Sarah Schwob
                                                            Sarah Sousa
                                                            Sarah Sved
                                                            Sarah Tarkieltaub
                                                            Sarah Vogel
                                                            Sarah Warren
                                                            Sarah Wilensky
                                                            Sarah Zanger
                                                            Sarah Zollo
                                                            Sari And Michael Resnick
                                                            Sari Hasen- Arazi
                                                            Sari Zager
                                                            Sarina Basch
                                                            Sarina E Litwin
                                                            Sarit And Jonathan Gribetz
                                                            Sarit And Jonathan Gribetz
                                                            Saritte Atkin
                                                            Saul & Marcelle Agus
                                                            Scott Rothenberg
                                                            Scott Trade
                                                            Sean Todd
                                                            Serena And Michael Jenkelowitz
                                                            Seth & Darielle Rabe
                                                            Seth Berman
                                                            Seth Friedbauer
                                                            Seth Gillston
                                                            Seth Goldstein
                                                            Seth Jonas
                                                            Sethitout Galena
                                                            Shachar And Stephanie Minkove
                                                            Shaily Tabak
                                                            Shaina Cohen
                                                            Shani & Gavri Butler
                                                            Shani Daniel
                                                            Shani Schwartz
                                                            Shani Thaler
                                                            Shanna Leuchter
                                                            Sharen Friedmen
                                                            Shari & Zev Koller
                                                            Shari Epstein
                                                            Shari Mayerovitch
                                                            Shari Shapiro
                                                            Sharon & Charles Michaels
                                                            Sharon & David Markowitz
                                                            Sharon & Gordon Zisholtz
                                                            Sharon Friedman
                                                            Sharon Glassman
                                                            Sharon Goldfarb
                                                            Sharon Herzfeld
                                                            Sharon Kepniss
                                                            Sharon Merkin
                                                            Sharon Schwartz
                                                            Sharon Seligsohn
                                                            Sharon Silver
                                                            Sharon Silver
                                                            Sharon Stern
                                                            Sharon Stumacher
                                                            Sharon Sussman
                                                            Sharon Sussman
                                                            Sharon Tzur
                                                            Sharona Kaplan
                                                            Sharona Reiss
                                                            Sharona Saltzman
                                                            Sharona Whisler
                                                            Shauna Cappe
                                                            Shauna Feinberg
                                                            Shawn Yanklowitz
                                                            Shaya And Dassi Shtern
                                                            Shayna Lifshultz
                                                            Shayna Merker
                                                            Shayna Skarf
                                                            Shayna Skarf
                                                            Shayna Weiss
                                                            Sheara Goldenthal
                                                            Sheera Berkowitz
                                                            Sheila And Daniel Langermann
                                                            Sheila Cohen
                                                            Sheldon & Sylvia Danzer
                                                            Sheldon Newman
                                                            Shelley Parker
                                                            Shelley Rothman-Benhaim
                                                            Shelley Vogel
                                                            Shelley Willner
                                                            Shelley Willner Robert Lefkowitz
                                                            Shelly Li
                                                            Sherry & Michael Kranzler
                                                            Shervin & Nira Nafisi
                                                            Sheryl Teplitsky
                                                            Sheryl Vanounou
                                                            Sheryl Weinbaum
                                                            Shifra Kopstick
                                                            Shifra Landowne
                                                            Shifra Schnair
                                                            Shira Billet
                                                            Shira Danzig
                                                            Shira Fass
                                                            Shira Fishman
                                                            Shira Gordon
                                                            Shira Hammerman
                                                            Shira Hoschander
                                                            Shira Kallus
                                                            Shira Kallus & Gaby Zwebner
                                                            Shira Karpel
                                                            Shira Lawrence
                                                            Shira Meged
                                                            Shira Ocken
                                                            Shira Ravera
                                                            Shira Rose
                                                            Shirley Stark
                                                            Shmuel Goldin
                                                            Shmuly Eisenmann
                                                            Shonie Schwartz
                                                            Shoshana & Charles Parker
                                                            Shoshana & Jonah Schmidt
                                                            Shoshana (Twersky) Savett
                                                            Shoshana Braver
                                                            Shoshana Hill
                                                            Shoshana Hulkower
                                                            Shoshana Kaiser
                                                            Shoshana Karpeles
                                                            Shoshana Parker
                                                            Shoshana Rosenberg
                                                            Shoshana Sperling
                                                            Shoshana Twersky
                                                            Shoshana Weiner
                                                            Shoshanah Swartz
                                                            Shoshanna Lockshin
                                                            Shushannah Walshe
                                                            Sima Burstein
                                                            Simcha Herrmann Karen Pelcovitz
                                                            Simi Hinden
                                                            Simon Rucker
                                                            Simone Salamon
                                                            Simone Brightstein
                                                            Simone Gampel
                                                            Sippora Pearlman
                                                            Sippora Pearlman
                                                            Sisterhood Of East Meadow Jewish Center
                                                            Sivan Greenspan
                                                            Sofya Smolyar
                                                            Sol And Talia Goldwyn
                                                            Sol Zimmerman
                                                            Solomon Chehebar
                                                            Solomon Sved
                                                            Sonda Oppewal
                                                            Sonia Chheda
                                                            Sonja & Manfred Rechtschaffen
                                                            Sonya Beyderman
                                                            Sonya Hall
                                                            Soros Fund Charitable Found
                                                            Stacey Betsalel
                                                            Stacey Goldman
                                                            Stacey Levy
                                                            Stacey S Fisher
                                                            Stacy Bess
                                                            Stacy Kaplan
                                                            Stacy Lynn Pineles
                                                            Stacy Rotner
                                                            Stanley Chesley
                                                            Stanley Rosenberg
                                                            Stefani Newman
                                                            Stefanie Sturm
                                                            Stefanie Zwick
                                                            Stephanie Beren
                                                            Stephanie Coriat
                                                            Stephanie Gershon
                                                            Stephanie Goldberg
                                                            Stephanie Karen Beneson
                                                            Stephanie Korenman
                                                            Stephanie Mamane
                                                            Stephanie Schwartz
                                                            Stephen Axinn
                                                            Stephen Wallach
                                                            Steve And Yonina Wind
                                                            Steve Smith
                                                            Steven And Pearl Elias-Bachrach
                                                            Steven & Melinda Hilsenrath
                                                            Steven And Shira Exler/Billet
                                                            Steven Galena
                                                            Steven Goldstein
                                                            Steven Hamburger
                                                            Steven Hirsch
                                                            Steven Hollander
                                                            Steven I. Weiss
                                                            Steven Pollan
                                                            Steven Samuels
                                                            Steven Schwartzberg
                                                            Steven Spodek
                                                            Steven Thompson
                                                            Stu And Jessica Loeser
                                                            Stuart Polinsky
                                                            Stuart Weinstock
                                                            Student Life Staff C/O Linda Stone
                                                            Sue And Don Miller
                                                            Suri Grussgott
                                                            Suri Jacknis
                                                            Susan And Stanley Weintraub
                                                            Susan Borison
                                                            Susan Canter
                                                            Susan Coleman Freedman
                                                            Susan Elias
                                                            Susan Englestein
                                                            Susan Hirsch
                                                            Susan Jablow
                                                            Susan Kulla
                                                            Susan Miller
                                                            Susan Shorr
                                                            Susan Shulman
                                                            Susan Yardley
                                                            Susan Zipkin
                                                            Susanne Raymond
                                                            Suzanne & Daniel Feit
                                                            Suzanne Doft
                                                            Suzanne Doft
                                                            Suzanne Friedman
                                                            Suzanne Kinzler
                                                            Suzanne Pineles
                                                            Suzette Fisher
                                                            Suzi & Etan Weinstock
                                                            Tahg Adler
                                                            Tahg Adler
                                                            Tal And Odelia Scher
                                                            Talia Eisenstein
                                                            Talia Fine
                                                            Talia Levine
                                                            Talia Lieberman
                                                            Talia Rosenberg
                                                            Talia Stansbury
                                                            Tally Zingher
                                                            Talya And David Stein
                                                            Talya Levin
                                                            Talya Stein
                                                            Tamar & Arieh Rossdeutscher
                                                            Tamar And Joey Kaplan-Marans And Nussbaum
                                                            Tamar Davis
                                                            Tamar Feldman
                                                            Tamar Katz
                                                            Tamar Poupko Smith
                                                            Tamar Schlossberg
                                                            Tamar Shoshana Weiss
                                                            Tamar Simon
                                                            Tamar Warburg
                                                            Tamara Borukhov
                                                            Tamara Danilewitz
                                                            Tamara Drazin Berkowitz
                                                            Tamara Wiesen
                                                            Tami Secunda
                                                            Tammy Balaban
                                                            Tammy Hepps
                                                            Tammy Mintz
                                                            Tania Lubetzky
                                                            Tania Tulcin
                                                            Tanya Sandler
                                                            Tara Blackman Deserio
                                                            Tara Fray
                                                            Taryn Diamond
                                                            Ted Quint
                                                            Teri And Harold Rosengarten
                                                            Terri And Rob Roth
                                                            Terri Cedar
                                                            Terry Grossman
                                                            The Eugene & Estelle Ferkauf Foundation
                                                            The Eva Gross Fund
                                                            The Ge Foundation
                                                            The Moody'S Foundation
                                                            The Moody'S Foundation
                                                            The Rabbi Dr. Leo Jung Memorial Fund
                                                            The Setton Foundation
                                                            Thomas Lin
                                                            Timothy Power
                                                            Tina Krul
                                                            Toby Makmel
                                                            Toby Osofsky
                                                            Todd Cooperman
                                                            Toni Gordon
                                                            Tova & Ithamar Jotkowitz
                                                            Tova And Howard Weiser
                                                            Tova Effron
                                                            Tova Havis
                                                            Tova Michelle Erlich
                                                            Tova Rich
                                                            Tova Weinstock
                                                            Tracy Benguigui
                                                            Tracy Kaplowitz
                                                            Turandot Saul
                                                            Tziporah Yaniv
                                                            Tzipporah Meisel
                                                            Tzippy Levy
                                                            Tzivia Bak
                                                            Tzivia G. Poupko
                                                            Tzivia Korn
                                                            Uri Korn
                                                            Uri Korn
                                                            Us Nomas
                                                            Valentina Soluri
                                                            Valerie Salem Gross
                                                            Vanessa Mangold
                                                            Vanguard Charitable Leonard Fuld
                                                            Vera Perlman
                                                            Vered Benchetrit
                                                            Vered Taylor
                                                            Verizon Verizon
                                                            Victoria Szenes
                                                            Viktoria Kristiansson
                                                            Vivian Esther Claman
                                                            Vivian Sapirman
                                                            Vml Foundation
                                                            Warren Bass
                                                            Wendy / Robert Levinson/ Kaplan
                                                            Wendy Levinson
                                                            Westwood Tax & Consulting Llc
                                                            William & Andrea Franklin
                                                            William Adler
                                                            William Lennon
                                                            William Snyder
                                                            Yaacov Elkus
                                                            Yaacov Elkus
                                                            Yaakov Maline
                                                            Yael & Yaakov Aspir
                                                            Yael & Yaakov Aspir
                                                            Yael Bitton
                                                            Yael Galena
                                                            Yael Lefkowitz
                                                            Yael Liker
                                                            Yael Reisman
                                                            Yael Smith
                                                            Yael Wolynetz
                                                            Yaffa Liebman
                                                            Yaira Greenstein
                                                            Yaron Kinar
                                                            Yashira Ramos
                                                            Yeheskel Bendov
                                                            Yehiel Poupko
                                                            Yehoshua Shloush Miriam Simon
                                                            Yehoshua Taylor
                                                            Yehuda & Lisa Septimus
                                                            Yehuda Graber
                                                            Yehuda Montrose
                                                            Yehuda Poupko
                                                            Yehuda Sheinfeld
                                                            Yehuda Steinberger
                                                            Yehudis Fass
                                                            Yehudit Schutzman
                                                            Yeshiah Grabie
                                                            Yitzchak Moshel
                                                            Yitzchok Greenberg
                                                            Yocheved Kleinbart
                                                            Yocheved Silk
                                                            Yonah Hain
                                                            Yonatan Katchen
                                                            Yosef Polakoff
                                                            Yosef Schneid
                                                            Yosef Weiner
                                                            Yosie Levine
                                                            Yossi & Ariella Zarfati
                                                            Yulya Sirotin
                                                            Yvette Hausner
                                                            Yvette Yien
                                                            Zachary Treuhaft
                                                            Zahava Pollock
                                                            Zeevyah Benoff Ari Stein
                                                            Zehava Birman
                                                            Zehava Brickner
                                                            Zev Goldrich
                                                            Zev Nagel
                                                            Zoya Raynes