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Gift of Life has been curing blood cancer and other life-threatening diseases for 30 years. We do this by providing healthy volunteer donors that patients need for marrow and blood stem cell transplants.
We are a group of 70 skilled professionals with a passion for saving lives. Our goal is an audacious one: to ensure than every patient receives the cellular therapy they need, when they need it. That’s why we are so innovative. Twenty years ago we were the first to recruit donors using cheek swabs. We developed the first online donor recruitment website and then the first mobile app. And we are the first in the world featuring a vertically integrated cell therapy supply chain, with the registry, donor center, stem cell collection center and cellular therapy laboratory all under one roof in our modern, high tech 32,000 square foot headquarters. We love what we do. So if you are passionate, audacious and committed to saving lives, check us out!


Gift of Life Marrow Registry is pleased to offer benefits to eligible employees that include:

Gift of Life's facility is new and well appointed, offering an employee café with televisions, three coffee bars, height adjustable workstations and ergonomic seating, an outside courtyard with fountains, picnic tables, tree-shaded parking lot and wellness room. We are located near numerous restaurants and grocery stores.


Current Openings

Apheresis Specialist
As a member of the Collection Center Team, you'll be responsible for performing all duties related to the efficient, safe, and compliant collection of stem cell products. Full job description
Cell Therapy Operations Supervisor
The Cell Therapy Operations Supervisor is part of the Gift of Life Center for Cell and Gene Therapy team that supports the production of cell therapy products. The Cell Therapy Operations Supervisor is a key position, responsible for oversight of the development and manufacturing of cell therapy products. Full job description
Development Engagement Coordinator
The Development Engagement Coordinator will develop and maintain a portfolio of active prospects and create strategies for engagement. In addition, the candidate will assist with the retention of blood stem cell and marrow donors, recipients, and volunteers. Full job description
Development Officer
As a member of the Development Team, you'll be responsible for developing and maintaining a portfolio of financial contributors and create strategies for soliciting these prospects. Full job description
Digital Media Specialist
The Digital Media Specialist will be responsible for the day-to-day oversight of the social media channels within the Recruitment department. Leads, manages and publishes social content to educate the public and grow the registry. Full job description
Donor Services Coordinator
As a member of the Donor Services Team, you'll be managing the process of donor collection and scheduling activities. Full job description
Donor Services Coordinator - Matnas Chaim
The Donor Services Coordinator - Matnas Chaim makes first contact with prospective blood stem cell and bone marrow donors when they are called as a match for a child or adult in need of a transplant. Full job description
Donor Services Manager
The Donor Services Manager will oversee the day-to-day operational activities of the Donor Services Specialist staff members, who contact donors when called for further testing after initial recruitment. Full job description
Donor Services Specialist
As part of the Donor Services team, you'll assist with the intial contact and follow-up with donors identified as matches for patients. Full job description
Donor Services Specialist - Preliminary Match
As a Preliminary Match Caller, you'll initiate contact with volunteer marrow and stem cell donors to inform them they may have the chance to save a life, and explain the next steps. Full job description
Medical Assistant
The Medical Assistant performs clinical and administrative duties to facilitate and support the operations of the Adelson Gift of Life – Be the Match Collection Center as directed by the Apheresis Director. Full job description
Medical Services RN
The Medical Services RN will be responsible for working alongside the Medical Services team in educating, consulting and screening to qualify volunteer donors for stem cell collections. Full job description
Medical Technologist
As part of the Apheresis Center team, you will work under the Medical Technical Supervisor on the technical and scientific performance of the laboratory, performing daily Hematology and Flow Cytometry processing and testing. Full job description
Public Relations Specialist
As part of the Marketing team, you will be responsible for managing Gift of Life's relationship with the media by establishing and maintaining good-natured, cooperative relationships with the news media, local communities and other public-interest groups to benefit the organization. Full job description
Recruitment Specialist
As part of the Organizational Advancement team, you will recruit new volunteer blood stem cell and bone marrow donors to join Gift of Life's registry. Work with our school, college, corporate and community partners to hold drives and educate the public. Full job description
Trade Show Coordinator
The Tradeshow Coordinator is responsible for planning, coordinating and executing all Gift of Life Marrow Registry conferences, and will work with senior management on strategy to yield the best outcomes. Full job description

I enjoy working for an organization whose mission I can truly stand behind. Gift of Life is always striving to develop new and advanced therapies to better serve our community. Furthermore, our donors selfless and heroic actions motivate me to keep pushing forward every day. Their dedication to help a perfect stranger inspires me to want to do more.

Richaele Nichiporenko
Associate Director, Medical Services

At Gift of Life I feel valued and supported to grow into my best self (both personally and professionally). This company understands that saving lives starts with fostering an environment of people who truly care about supporting this mission.

Blake Gottlieb
Social Media Specialist

Working at Gift of Life for almost 15 years has been a rewarding experience. It’s a wonderful feeling to help people go through the process of giving someone a 2nd chance of life.

Hildy Bell
Donor Services Coordinator