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Campus Ambassadors Spring 2016

at Campus Ambassador Program

This is about second chances.


By running bone marrow registration drives on campus, ambassadors are giving patients with blood cancer their second chance at life.


The Campus Ambassador Program enlists students for a paid internship to run cheek swab drives on their universites. By reaching out to friends and clubs that they're involved in, ambassadors have the potential to speak with many more age approprate donors than anyone sitting in our offices would. 


Thanks to this program, drives are being run on campuses all over the country by the people who know them best: students. Who knows? That miracle match may actually be your roommate, your big sister, maybe even that kid who raises his hand too much in English class. Someone's life saving donor is waiting to be unveiled - right now. 


The math is simple: the more college-aged donors who sign up, the more lives are saved.


So how should students spend their college years? They can work off-campus, in a work-study job, or at a local coffee shop. Or, by reserving some tables in the student center and texting friends to check out their new role as a Gift of Life Campus Ambassador this semester, they can single-handedly help save someone's life.


This is more than a campus job. This is someone's second chance at life

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