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Izaack Powell

Are you Izaack’s lifesaving match?  

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Izaack Powell otherwise known as "Big Rig" by his family, was born in Brisbane Australia in 2002, and is now 21 years old. His mum Suzie was born in Australia, and has worked as a nurse for more than 20 years. John, Izaack’s father, was born in England of Jamaican parents and is a chef who has worked all over the world.

Izaack is battling Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia and urgently needs a blood stem cell or bone marrow transplant as his best hope of a cure.  

Izaack Powell (center) is in urgent need of a bone marrow transplant to save his life. Gift of Life Marrow Registry urges everyone to visit and order a swab kit to learn if you are a match for Isaack or another patient in urgent need. Suzie and John have three children. India is the eldest being 22 years old and is studying nursing at university. Sienna is the youngest of the three at 17 years old, who is still at school and also plays soccer at a high level.
Izaack is squashed in the middle of his two amazing sisters at 21 years old! Not to be outshone by the girls, Izaack excelled academically and on the sports field. He started at a local club at 5 years old where it very quickly became clear he had a talent and he rapidly moved up through the ranks. 

Izaack’s best chance of a match is with people of Australian or Jamaican/Caribbean heritage, but we urge everyone to order a swab kit. Click here to get your kit now. 

Australians of European ancestry most often originated in England, Scotland and Ireland. People of Jamaican/Caribbean origin may have ancestors from native Caribbeans, sub-Saharan Africa, China, India, and Europe. 

More about Izaack and his incredible soccer career! 

At 15 years old, Izaack was approached by the Brisbane Roar Soccer Club and was given a scholarship with them. In 2019, he was selected to represent  Australia for the U17 Youth World Cup in Brazil.  That same year, at age 16, he made his debut for Brisbane Roar, being  the youngest ever player to be signed. He was in his last year at high school. Life was good. He also met his current girlfriend. 
Around June 2021, he started to feel unwell and got the devastating news he had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. His and his family’s world stopped. The family, being very private people, kept this very quiet whilst Izaack recieved chemotherapy and other treatments that led to him being in remission. 
 Izaack Powell, a soccer player for the Brisbane Roar, is battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia and is in urgent need of a matching bone marrow donor. Please visit to order a swab kit and be tested to learn if you can save Isaack or another patient in need. He started back at university pursuing business studies, and had just resumed playing soccer at his childhood club at a high level again,  when at a routine check up just after Easter this year he was told, unbelievably, his cancer had returned and that his only option is a bone marrow transplant.  Izaack has now resumed chemotherapy. 
His family and friends are doing all they can to help this amazingly strong young man and his humble family face what no family should ever have to face, finding a life saving donor for their child. 
We all want to see Izaack back on the soccer field doing what he does best and loves most. So we are asking if you can help by donating blood and joining the Register as a potential stem cell donor to help Izaack find his life saving stem cell match.
So we can all watch him fulfill his dreams out on the soccer field,  and live a long, healthy, happy life.

What you can do to help save Izaack

Join the registry! Click on the blue "Join Registry" button. Donors in general good health between 18 and 35 years old may join the registry.

Donors over the age of 35 can also join, but we ask that you to please donate $60 to offset the lab fees – Click here to learn why.  

Sponsor a swab kit. Click on the orange "Give to My Circle" button. Lab processing of every kit costs $60. Your contribution will help add new donors to the registry, who may be a match for Isaack or another patient. 

Spread the word. Use the social media links to the right to share Isaack's story in your Facebook and Twitter account. The more people who order a swab kit and join the registry, the faster Isaack will find a donor. 

Eighty percent of donors requested by transplant centers are 18 to 35 years old for medical reasons – Click here to learn why Age Matters.

Donors can remain in the registry until their 61st birthday – Click here to learn why the registry has an Age Limit.

Certain medical conditions may mean you are not able to join the registry or donate – Click here to check the Conditions List. If you're not sure, a health history questionnaire is part of the registration process.

Learn more about Isaack's battle:  

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