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Join Registry Give Now

Miami Dade College CAP Program

at Campus Ambassador Program

Gift of Life Campus Ambassadors at Miami Dade College invite you to join the registry for your chance to save a life!  

Patients battling blood cancer, sickle cell disease, and inherited immune disorders have the possibility of a cure if they can find a matching donor – but only 30% of patients find a donor in their family. The other 70% must search the registry to find a stranger who can save their life. 

You can join the registry by completing a simple cheek swab kit and a health questionnaire, and if you are ever found as a match, you will be given the opportunity to donate. 

Donation may be for peripheral blood stem cells (90%+ of transplants), collected through the apheresis process, similar to donating blood platelets. Bone marrow transplants make up less than 10% of transplants, and are typically requested for children. Click here to learn more about the donation process. 


Miami Dade College Commitment to Student Development

Miami Dade College is committed to awakening and empowering students for lifelong civic engagement, and that transformative learning experiences – like participating in Gift of Life's Campus Ambassador Program – help students develop the knowledge, skills, and personal agency to become active citizens. The college aims to close Miami's civic engagement gap and achive a more representative, participatory democracy. The program includes eight or more of these elements: 

  1. Learning from others, self, and environment to develop informed perspectives on social issues
  2. Recognizing and appreciating human diversity and commonality 
  3. Behaving, and working through controversy, with civility 
  4. Taking an active role in the political process 
  5. Participating actively in public life, public problem solving, and service 
  6. Assuming leadership and membership roles in organizations 
  7. Developing empathy, ethics, values, and sense of social responsibility 
  8. Promoting social justice locally and globally 

By actively participating in public life, problem solving, and service, students develop the skills to become engaged in the democratic process and promote social justice both locally and globally. 

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