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Mahesh, a loving husband and father of two, is in desperate need of a peripheral blood stem cell or bone marrow transplant to save his life. In May, 2019, Mahesh was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (a type of blood cancer) the day after celebrating his son’s marriage at their home.

Devastated, Mahesh spent four months in the hospital fighting for his life with his family by his side. His only chance of beating this disease is with a Bone Marrow Transplant. Mahesh has limited options for treatment and a tight timeline.

We need to find a matching donor and we need your help!

  • Mahesh is of Indian ancestryhis parents hail from the state of Orissa (also called Odisha) in India. Because matching factors are inherited like hair and eye color, his best chance of finding a match is with someone of his ethnicity and similar ancestry.
  • South Asians are under-represented in the worldwide bone marrow registry. If you are South Asian, signing up might not only save our Dad’s life, you could help save other South Asians looking for a match!
  • Donating is often compared to donating blood platelets. When you donate your stem cells they replenish on their own in a few weeks, and someone’s life will be saved!


How You Can Help:

  • Join the Registry: If you are 18 to 35 and in good health, please swab your cheek and join the registry as soon as possible! Those of Asian Indian background are especially encouraged to participate. YOU may be Mahesh’s perfect match! Click Here to order your swab kit.
  • Hold a Donor Drive: We need people to help us register new donors for testing. It’s easy and we’ll train you and send you all the supplies you need. Email our Volunteer Engagement Coordinator Samantha Sprott, to start organizing your drive today,


  • Share Mahesh’s Story: There are 2.8 million Asian Indians in the United States alone. Someone out there is Mahesh’s lifesaver! Click on either Facebook or Twitter in the "Share This Donor Circle" (above right) to spread the word. Please use #Swab4Mahesh to tag your posts! 



Manesh (l) with his family and doctor. More About Mahesh

Mahesh is 68 years old, a kind friend and beloved family man who lives with his wife, Nibedita (Nita) in Glastonbury, Connecticut. They have two sons - Amrut and Manish - that both live in San Francisco. His calmness and easygoing nature comes from love for his friends and family and his deep connection with God. He is a deep thinker, a meditation expert, a fun conversationalist, and active with his community through local temples.

Mahesh has always been a dreamer. His earliest dreams were to study abroad, and he eventually immigrated to America in the 1970s, where he received his PhD from Case Western Reserve. His career allowed him to travel the country, and later the world, as a management consultant with IBM. In his retired years, his hobbies are spending time with his family and friends, working on his home garden, and occasionally teaching at local universities.

Mahesh has been a devoted husband to his wife for nearly 40 years. His wife says that “Every morning he wakes up and tells me that I am beautiful and how much he loves me, before starting his day.” Mahesh is known to be the moral compass for his family, especially his kids, teaching them at an early age to always help others, to tell the truth, and most importantly listen to their Mom. When Mahesh was in the hospital, he said he was fighting everyday so he could come back home to his family. Even though he is home, his fight continues as we search for a lifesaving donor.

We know someone out there is a match for Mahesh - please help us find his donor!


Dancing at his son Amrut's wedding with his new daughter-in-law, Anuja.








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