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Judy Fine-Edelstein, MD

In March 2020, Judy Fine-Edelstein, MD, chief of Neurology at Cambridge Health Alliance, was working long hours caring for patients. Focused on her job, Judy dismissed her cough and aches as stress. When she could ignore her symptoms no longer, she got a blood test. The results were not good. Judy’s husband, Rob, brought her straight to the emergency room and from there, she immediately began treatment at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Judy had cancer—acute myeloid leukemia to be precise. 

 “As a physician,” Judy recalls, “I went to all the research sites to look up AML, and I gave up. I called the family attorney to make my will.” 

Her first five weeks in the hospital were tough. She received aggressive, high-dose chemotherapy and had numerous complications.

Judy and Rob met during their residencies in Boston.  They have two children.  Judy is a talented cello player and loves to spend time with her Newfoundland Norton. 


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