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10 Great Reasons To Join the Bone Marrow Registry

Mar 02, 2012 by Gift of Life News

Here at Gift of Life we pride ourselves in being advocates for bone marrow donors. We asked the staff to share with you one great reason everyone should join the registry and compiled their inspiring responses. Enjoy!

1) To help save someone’s life!
At any given time 6,000 people are searching for a bone marrow donor or cord blood unit, you could be the person who saves one of their lives.

2) If a patient in need were a member of your family or community, wouldn’t you want others to join the registry?
Did you know 3 out of 4 patients who need a bone marrow transplant will depend on a complete stranger to save their lives? Countless families rely on the good will of strangers, like you, to help save their loved ones!

3) Show your social responsibility.
You will have the chance to take a positive stance towards influencing and affecting the people outside your immediate circle. Donating your time and/or money, supporting causes, and joining the bone marrow registry are all great examples of ways you can be socially responsible.

4) You could be the next Jill, Lillian, Damian, or one of our other amazing donors!
Many of our donors describe their experiences as emotional and life-changing. They help us prove time and time again that no gift is better than the gift of life. Reading their stories often inspires others to make the decision to join the registry. We hope they inspire you too!

5) It is a wonderful and selfless thing to do.
You never know what you’ll do when you receive the call to become a donor, what fears you will overcome and what adrenaline and euphoria will seize you when presented with the opportunity to save a life. Even if you are never asked to be a donor, you will have lost nothing by being registered.

6) You will bring hope to countless people fighting leukemia, lymphoma, and other blood diseases.
Your bone marrow or stem cells could be the reason someone’s child, relative, or friend lives. That chance brings hope to many patients searching for donors.

7) You will increase the donor pool AND increase someone’s chances of finding a suitable donor.
Each year nearly 15,000 patients in the United States alone will need a bone marrow transplant to treat an illness, yet only HALF will receive one. You can increase those odds by joining the registry. Every single registered donor makes an impact.

8) It’s simple: it only takes five minutes to swab your cheeks.
It really is that simple! You can either swab at an event by finding a bone marrow donor drive near you or order a buccal swab kit online and swab from the comfort of your home.

9) It’s a mitzvah to save a life.
You may have the chance to do the ultimate good deed one day.

10) Good karma is priceless.
Stories like this certainly serve as a testimonial for this point!

Are you ready to register? If so, become a bone marrow donor today by clicking this link.


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