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The Maccabeats Make a Difference

Dec 23, 2011 by Gift of Life News

Cancer: it can strike at anytime and affect anyone. Michael Greenberg, current leader of the hit a cappella group from Yeshiva University, the Maccabeats, came face to face with the effects of leukemia at the age of four when his mother, Judy Greenberg, was diagnosed with the disease. He watched her battle that horrific illness for 11 years before she passed away in 2003. Now, Michael wants to find a way to both honor his mother’s memory and help in the fight against the disease that took her life.

The Maccabeats became an overnight sensation last year when their hit single, "Candlelight," went viral and surpassed six million views in only a short amount of time. Since accumulating a large following, the Maccabeats recognize that their concerts could be a marvelous way of reaching potential bone marrow and blood stem cell donors. So, they contacted Gift of Life to suggest a partnership.

This Chanukah, in accordance with their newly released song, "Miracle," the Maccabeats are determined to create miracles for others by urging people to help grow the bone marrow registry through contributions and by joining the registry at upcoming concerts. Chanukah is about making miracles happen, and the singing group wants to remind everyone that they can play a role in making them happen. The Maccabeats have launched the Judy Greenberg z"l Miracle Match campaign, which is dedicated to raising $80,000 to help test cheek swab samples on the registry’s waitlist.

Currently, Gift of Life has approximately 15,700 unprocessed donor kits on the waitlist. The cost to test each kit is $54, and because of lack of funding, someone’s miracle match could be sitting there, untested. Just one kit could help Ezra, a two-year old from New Jersey, who has been waiting for over a year for a bone marrow donor. He has Hyper IgM Syndrome, a rare primary immune deficiency, and every day, his parents pray that his match will be found. They never believed that, a year after beginning their search, they’d still be looking for Ezra’s miracle match.

Big Bang Theory actress, neuroscientist, and Maccabeats enthusiast, Mayim Bialik, makes an appearance in the music video for "Miracle." She is a strong supporter for Gift of Life and has participated in the campaign to find Ezra’s miracle match. She says, "The Maccabeats see their ‘success’ as dependent upon - even incumbent upon- their ability to truly make a difference in this world, and in that light, they have combined their goals with those of Gift of Life. My appearing in "Miracle" has, because of this, been elevated from fun and exciting to meaningful and inspiring."

If the Miracle Match Campaign reaches its goal of raising $80,000, over 1,400 kits will be processed. The Maccabeats hope that this campaign will shed light on this important cause and will help clear the backlog of samples waiting to be tested. To date, the campaign has raised over $33,000.

Only four more days are left in the campaign. If you are interested in participating, visit to watch the video and make a donation.

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