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Join Registry Give Now
Three female college students who are in the Gift of Life Campus Ambassador Program stand behind their swabbing table, which is laden with swab kits, orange wristbands, pens, and more.

Get Involved and Help Save Lives

The Gift of Life Campus Ambassador Program enlists students like you for an internship to run cheek swab drives on your campus. By reaching out to your friends, clubs and campus organizations you’re involved with, you have the potential to invite many new donors to join the registry – any one of whom could save a life. It’s a pretty sweet gig. Hang out with your friends, make a difference in the world.

As a program participant, you will join an elite group of more than 300 leaders on college campuses across the country. You will learn about Gift of Life Marrow Registry and how the actions you take by being a part of the program will save lives.

Once you are on campus, you’ll take your newly acquired knowledge and put it into practice, running donor recruitment events with the goal of educating new donors and offering them the opportunity to join the registry.

You will be encouraged to partner with other campus organizations, administration and events to increase your outreach. By getting involved with Gift of Life you’ll become a change maker and enhance your leadership, marketing, and communication skills. Nothing is more exciting than when you get that first email that a donor you swabbed has saved someone’s life!


Are you ready to make a commitment to start saving lives? We’re looking for students willing to dedicate a few hours each week to help educate and recruit new donors around campus. Once accepted, we will give you all the tools you need to succeed.
Applications for our on-campus internship can be found here
Receive confirmation and a follow-up for an interview
Once accepted, work with a mentor to grow the registry and save lives!
Only have a few hours available to advocate for marrow and stem cell donation? Hosting a donor recruitment event is a quick and easy way to educate your peers and add them to the registry.
Decide what event you want to host. Check out some inspiration here
Contact us via email, DM via Instagram, or complete this survey and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours
Finalize your event, receive supplies, save lives!
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A smiling, Black, male college student wearing a Boston College tee shirt is using a cheek swab as he completes a Gift of Life Marrow Registry swab kit.

CAP Basic Requirements

You will be a full time student at a 2- or 4-year college or university for the upcoming academic semester.
You have a cumulative GPA above 3.0.
You are not allergic to having fun.
Social Media Savvy.
A passion to save lives.
Not afraid to host an event or presentation on campus.

Primary Roles

  1. Always represent Gift of Life in a positive and professional manner.
  2. Educate your community about Gift of Life's history and mission.
  3. Conduct outreach to various entities on campus and within the community to schedule presentations and host donor recruitment events.
  4. Register your event and order supplies in a timely manner.
  5. Once the event is secured, market and advertise it to ensure success.
  6. After the event, return completed swab kits to Gift of Life as soon as possible.

Gift of Life in Partnership With Project Life Movement

In 2018, Gift of Life Marrow Registry partnered with Project Life Movement to increase recruitment efforts on college campuses. The organization’s concentration and proven success educating and recruiting students at universities aligned seamlessly with Gift of Life’s Campus Ambassador Program. We work together on many campuses, particularly those in and around their headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our shared mission to grow the registry has allowed us to find more matches for those in need by working together.

Campus Program App

The Gift of Life Campus Program app gives you new ways to tell your mentor about the events you’re planning, see different opportunities on your campus, and earn incentives for doing good!

Find a School

I love the organization and everything they stand for. I’m making a difference and helping people. Getting a match is awesome. I had a friend find out she was a match because she got tested at one of the events. To see her asking questions about what to do next and feeling inspired to learn more about donating was an exciting feeling.

Taylor Brown
Arizona State University

I hope to establish a connection with people and show them how easy it is to accomplish a good deed. Being the facilitator for a match is an incredibly heartwarming and uplifting experience. Seeing that notification is a great reminder of the amazing things we accomplish at Gift of Life as well as proof that with a little bit of effort, we can accomplish a lot.

Max Lasday
University of Central Florida, 2nd year CAP

Getting a match puts a whole new perspective on what you’re doing. Most people spend time volunteering to help others, but when you see a direct impact of your work, like a match being found for someone who doesn’t have any other chance at survival, it shows you just how much you are helping people. It shows why this is important, and why you must continue.

Hannah Steinberg
Gift of Life Campus Ambassador, University of South Carolina

Receiving the notification that we got a match was an extremely validating experience. It showed me that the effort we are putting in is really making an impact. I am excited to keep on swabbing and keep on finding matches!

Noah Streitfeld
University of Central Florida, 2nd year CAP

When the email came through letting me know that someone I had recruited to the registry was a potential match, to say I was excited would be an understatement. Knowing that you have been able to play a small part in making someone’s life better is such a wonderful feeling. Oh, and a little bonus fun fact, it was one of my best friends who was the match!

Madison Taylor
Utah State University, 2nd year CAP