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Swab With Pride

You could be a lifesaving match for a patient!

We invite you to join the registry for a chance to give back to the community and potentially save a life. 

Many in the LGBTQ+ community, especially gay men, think that they cannot join the registry or will not be allowed to donate. This is false. Anyone 18 to 35 years old and in general good health may join the registry. 

You are needed to help save lives. More than 70 conditions including leukemia, lymphoma, sickle cell, and inherited immune disorders can be cured through blood stem cell or bone marrow donation.

This procedure is based solely on finding a match for the patient who is willing to donate and healthy enough to do so. Every donor is evaluated based on the same medical criteria, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identification, or ethnicity. 

Through Gift of Life Marrow Registry, members of the LGBTQ+ community can engage in the lifesaving community service many have wished for. 

Joining the marrow registry is simple, just complete a cheek swab kit and a health questionnaire, and you have the potential to save someone’s life. We have many LGBTQ+ donors and they say helping a patient battle a life-threatening disease is an incredible, fulfilling experience.

Click on the blue “Join Registry" button to order your swab kit, or click on “Give to Circle” to sponsor someone else’s swab kit. Your contribution will help us add more LGBTQ+ donors to the registry. 

Gift of Life Marrow Registry donor Tony Connell saved Brianne Dollar's life during her battle with leukemia by donating his bone marrow. “Donating bone marrow as a gay man felt empowering. When I first met my recipient, Brianne, face-to-face, it was incredible – what a remarkable person she is! Our LGBTQ+ community has endured a lot, both good and bad, but something that has not changed is our unwavering power of kindness. Get out there, register, and help save a life.”

– Tony Joe, Gift of Life bone marrow donor 

Learn more 

Click here to visit our detailed information page to learn why it’s a myth that gay men can’t donate, and much more. 

Get Involved 

If you would like to run a “Swab With Pride” recruitment drive in your community, workplace, or place of worship, please contact our Recruitment Department at

Download Gift of Life's "I Swab With Pride" card and share a selfie online to help spread the word. @GiftofLifeMarrowRegistry and #SwabWithPrideYou can also help spread the word through social media. Click on the image to download a printable PDF. Print it out and take a selfie to share online. Please include the tags:





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